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Maximum sentence for the owner of the Dogue de Bordeaux found buried...

The trial against master of mastiff of Bordeaux buried living being to Carrières-sur-Seine is planned in March, 2016!By this petition, we ask for the maximal punishment against this act of...

Author : Cécile Lerminiaux


521.778 signatures

Justice for Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, killed...

Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, was killed on July 27, 2015. Although the animal was the pride of the Zimbabwe’s National park, Hwange, for the past 13 years, he was killed...

Author : Pascal N.


155.404 signatures

#JeSuisCharlie - Nous sommes Charlie

Let's work together in support of the victims of Charlie Hebdo, the police officers and collateral casualties who died in the terrorist attack. When there are no more words to say, only acts can...

Author : Théo Bourgeois-Guelaff


94.690 signatures

We reject the opening/expansion of the breeding centre for 1600...

We, the undersigned, absolutely protest the opening/expansion of the SILABE (Simian Laboratory Europe) breeding centre for 1,600 primates destined for animal experimentation, which is located at Fort...

Author : Pro Anima / Animalsace


81.928 signatures

Ban the production and sale of fur in France!

Contrary to popular belief, most furs do not end up only on coats! Conscious of the negative image conveyed with this type of clothing, the fur industry renews its imagination to sell its death...

Author : M. Dumont


73.903 signatures

Stop the slaughter in Taiji

I am sharing my dismay about the slaughter which is happening regularly in the Bay of Taiji in Japan. How can we remain indifferent to such horror? The report "The Cove" as you may already...

Author : Gwënaelle LOZACHMEUR


62.256 signatures

New scandal at the Surabaya Zoo of shame!

Tigers, bears, elephants and wild boars are dying of hunger and disease in the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia. The last giraffe died with 20 kg of plastic found in his stomach. Due to a lack of food,...

Author : Florence


57.297 signatures

#AsiaBibi: No to the death sentence of Asia Bibi in Pakistan for a...

Let us unite for Asia Bibi, the victim of a revolting injustice! This young Pakistani woman and mother of 5 children was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death for a glass of water. Of...

Author : Bernard S


56.091 signatures

Petition for Serge Atlaoui: United against the death penalty!

Serge, 43 years old, married with three children residing in the Netherlands is a welder and business owner who used to work regularly abroad in several foreign countries. A little over two years...

Author : Association 100 % Serge Atlaoui


54.672 signatures

Justice for Ray and all the animals abused in Morocco!

As actors of animal protection in Morocco and throughout the world, we ask you today to put an end to the suffering, torture and abuse suffered by stray animals of the Kingdom. Today, it was...

Author : Aziza Nait Sibaha


50.205 signatures

Let market gardeners have the right to use reproducible seeds and...

I want to tell you that these are critical times as our agriculture is dying but I do not think you expected me to draw this conclusion that, you, who seems to have realised the need for a soil that...

Author : Alexander Lumbroso & Jonathan Attias - web serie..


49.696 signatures

The elephant Raju will not return to its former owners!

Victory : The elephant Raju will not return to its former owners! According to Paris Match, the Court of Allahabad ruled on Tuesday: Raju will remain free! The court ruled in favour of the NGO...

Author : Hyorik


47.664 signatures