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Latest petitions - Justice

Mesopinions.com fights for justice! Help these authors seeking a fair outcome for miscarriages of justice. Online you will find many other petitions. Together, we can mobilise for justice and make change.

To ensure all perpetrators are punished at the highest level possible...

Rajon (13 Years): If Death is the penalty for stealing, what should be the punishment for killing? The cold blooded murderers of Rajan (13) captured the disturbing assault on mobile and uploaded it...

Author : Joynal HussainPrime


18 signatures

Reconsideration of Conviction of Murder

Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale ARE NOT murderers.  We believe that they have wrongly been convicted of Murder. They are the nicest guys that you could ever meet.  Always there to help...

Author : Laura Higgins


0 signatures

Help those classed as vulnerable and have had the system let them...

I have an abused child but because of the system, the accused walked free. My daughter who is autistic and has learning difficulties was raped and by the time she came forward there was lack of...

Author : S. M.


86 signatures

Justice for JC Levy from corrupt police in Taiwan !

My name is John Christopher Levy and I have been thrown into a Nightmare since 3 years. I am a good father with 3 little kids and I try my best to be a good husband in Taiwan since 10 years. Let me...

Author : JC Levy


53 signatures

Sharm el-Sheikh Crash in 2004: for the indictment of Mr. Nour, CEO of...

Recent plane tragedies have triggered waves of emotion and their many promises to do whatever it takes, etc., etc... In the case of Sharm El Sheikh, which claimed the lives of 148 victims...

Author : Marie-France Roche


1.966 signatures

Transsexual identity: promulgate a law allowing a change of identity!

Today many transsexuals undergo aggression, sometimes fatal, and difficulties in their daily lives, including finding a job, because they had the courage to undertake hormone treatment to eventually...

Author : Frédérique Petit


27 signatures

My husband is stuck in Madagascar with his 7 year old daughter

Hello, I appeal to all the well-placed people in government to ask for help because my husband aged 75 is a man of honour. He does not want and cannot return to France without his 7 year old...

Author : Colette Jacques, Kubista Kubista’s wife


32 signatures

Petition for the release of the pilots Bruno and Pascal Odos Fauret

By this petition, You are asked to consider the request for release of the two French nationals pilots, incarcerated in Punta Cana, and whose names are: Odos Fauret Bruno and Pascal. I would...

Author : Robert Werbrouck


15.119 signatures

For the transfer of Florence Cassez to France

Mr. President of the Republic Elysee Palace 55, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris Mr. President of the French Republic, We, the signatories of this petition, ask for help and...

Author : Mr Honore


16.956 signatures