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Our victories

Every day, members of our community attain local, regional, national and international victories.
Together, we become agents of change.
Congratulations to all.

Victory : The natural habitat of our beluga whales is being threate...

On behalf of all the citizens of Quebec, including environmentalist Mr. Simard of Nature Québec, our sincere thanks to you all. There were almost 45,000 signatories supporting the natural habitat of...

Author : Lorraine Dubé


45.088 signatures

Victory : Lassana Bathily should be allowed French Nationality!

Victory! According to Le Monde, Lassana Bathily, hero of the Hyper Kosher Store hostage crisis occurred there a week ago, was naturalized French on Tuesday, 20th January. A welcoming ceremony into...

Author : François L


896 signatures

Victory : The elephant Raju will not return to its former owners!

According to Paris Match, the Court of Allahabad ruled on Tuesday: Raju will remain free! The court ruled in favour of the NGO Wildlife SOS who organized the rescue, because the old master Raju was...

Author : Hyorik


47.699 signatures

Victory : No to the exportation of French lambs to Lebanon

The Lebanese authorities have announced the immediate closure of the slaughterhouse Quarantine Lebanon. Investigations had revealed that many animals from France were slaughtered in appalling...

Author : Florence


6.574 signatures

Victory : Abolish homophobic laws in Uganda!

PETITION VICTORY ! The Ugandan Constitutional Court annulled the controversial anti-homosexuality law, enacted in February, saying that the quorum required by the Constitution during the vote in...

Author : S Vivier


1.246 signatures

Victory : Save Meriam, pregnant Christian sentenced to death for a...

Victory ! News of Meriam Ibrahim Yahia Ishag, a Christian sentenced to death for apostasy in Sudan. Meriam was able to leave her country and was welcomed in Italy with her husband and children....

Author : Bernard SOBKOWIAK


23.741 signatures

Victory : Petition for the release of the pilots Bruno and P...

They were arrested on board a private plane with 700 kg of cocaine. Both pilots Bruno and Pascal, in custody for over a year in the Dominican Republic, were released Tuesday. They will need to report...

Author : Robert Werbrouck


15.119 signatures

Victory : Save the second baby giraffe threatened wit...

Victory! The famous circus artists known as the Zapashny brothers received a response to save Marius, giraffe number 2, from the Embassy of Denmark. The zoo no longer intends to use the same...

Author : Florence


21.358 signatures

Victory : Save Shi Bao, the courageous two-legged dog and her puppies

Victory ! By revealing the existence of Shi Bao in one of its articles, the Mail Online website has enabled many animal protection organisations and the public to take action to locate and help...

Author : Florence


1.625 signatures

Victory : Support Pussy Riot and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

According to Europe 1 radio, the two members of Pussy Riot are free! Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina benefited from an amnesty law passed by the Russian Parliament. This text provides...

Author : Mlle. Chelisa


2.176 signatures

Victory : Support Francis Collomp

Victory ! A petition in support of Francis Collomp had been filed on our website by the sister of Francis. Today we are pleased to inform you that Francis Collomp is free. He managed to bravely...

Author : Soutien Francis Collomp


3.669 signatures

Victory : Please support Gabin, the child who doesn’t exist!

Victory ! It is done ! That's it, we have the birth certificates of Gabin, confirmed Jessica, her mum. This is a real relief! This is the end of a long two-year struggle. Gabin finally has an...

Author : Bessat Gabin


4.649 signatures