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A animated Percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus series

We have read the books and imagined all of it happening, but we want to see the action on tv.We need a series. (The fox films were rubbish).

Author : The Percy Jackson Fandom


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Ronny Deila stays and keeps his job

This man has gathered tens of thousands of ranger fans and we want him to be able to keep his job.  So we're asking Ronny Peter and co to seriously think about what they're doing before making...

Author : Alasdair kilgour


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To begin GMO labeling

Dear Elected Representatives, Through this open letter, we wish to call on the institutions of New Caledonia to start legislative actions for the Genetically Modified Organisms policy. By reading...

Author : Stop OGM Pacifique


12.133 signatures

Save the Roucas hill

The Roucas hill is one of the rare wooded areas of the city of Marseilles and its pinewood can be seen from Marseilles' most visited tourist spot: Notre-Dame de la Garde. This green lung of the town...

Author : Luisa Paoluzzi


6.879 signatures

Stop the whales massacres

Japan has just announced the resumption of the hunting of whales in Antarctica next March. These massacres are stupid and useless. There is an international moratorium on the whaling since 1986,...

Author : Patricia Fournier-Dhervillez


65.629 signatures

We want to be part of the votes, which will determine the teams...

 THE GENTLE TEAM is a team on League of legends, a world-famous game.Challenger-level team in the top 20 of the best European teams (EUW) and entirely French speaker, this group of players is...

Author : H.C


448 signatures

To find Anne-Cécile and to know the truth

Missing Anne-Cécile Pinel21 July 2014 in CroatiaWhat is going on with Anne Cecile researches ?All that was undertaken by the French and Croatian justices, by investigators in both countries,...

Author : Association Aide Recherche Anne-Cécile


16.054 signatures

Reform of institution

I petition that all EU commisioners be subject to election by the citizens of the EU. At the moment ALL EU commisioners are not elected although they have an large say in what happens to the...

Author : Bob Horner, european citizen


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#FreeNimr Imminent execution of Ali Al- Nimr : stop the barbarism of...

The victim is Ali Mohammed al-Nimr. He was 17 years old when he was arrested, in February, 2012, during anti-government protests.His appeal was recently denied, and the sentence of crucifixion...

Author : Didier Raymond


114.173 signatures

Petra Laszlo Should Face Charges for Abusing Refugees.

With all their suffers, fleeing from country to country to find a better home, and with all their struggles. A camera operator for a Hungarian nationalist television channel closely linked to the...

Author : Robert Resto


1.040 signatures

Divide CS:Go west and east community in 2 server !

I don't mind playing with noobs, but russians are a special kind of noob (also polish and chezech).What I mean is... yeah someone might not have the best aim and might be a bit salty but atleast use...

Author : CS:GO West of europe


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Maximum jail sentence for man who buried dog alive.

Animal cruelty must be punished to the maximum sentence and it must be stopped! Please sign this petition so that the man who buried this little dog alive will get the maximum sentence.  

Author : Bethany Miracle


143 signatures