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Latest petitions - Children

Mesopinions.com defends children. Let us unite against class closures, defending national education, protecting abused or sick children, and against unfair placements. Many other petitions to protect children and reduce injustices are online, let us mobilise!

Protect the hearing of babies and children during musical concerts

Children experiencing too many decibels can lose hearing if they are not protected by prolonged repetitive blasts of sound. Unwitting parents bring them along to concert halls in the evening or in...

Author : Mendez Joelle


29 signatures

Combat violence against children, we need your help!

In 2000, governments and the UN established 8 priorities, known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in order to reduce world poverty. Today, these measures have helped to significantly...

Author : Un Enfant par la Main (A Child By The Hand)


61 signatures

Enforce fines against parents who leave their children alone in the...

Too often witness to this type of high-risk behaviour, we would all like for it not happen again. Like every high-risk behaviour, prevention is central to communication but also by sanction. Leave...

Author : Myrtille - blogger and mum


50 signatures

Let us fight against bullying !

Bullying is to date, the greatest scourge of Education, causing depression and suicides. This type of violence should no longer be accepted. As a former victim of bullying, I know how the...

Author : Alexis G.


88 signatures

Stop corporal punishment! To pass a law which explicitly prohibits...

While we celebrated on November 20th, 2014, the 25th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations of the Convention on Children’s Rights, and that France has just been sentenced on the 4th...

Author : Muriel SALMONA psychiatrist, president of the as..


775 signatures

No to phones made by child victims of forced labour!

Hello everyone, In a recent documentary on French television, the journalist Elise Lucet revealed the abuse and excesses within the international trade industry concerning the use of forced child...

Author : Gérard C


17.649 signatures