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Healthier meals in school

We are a group of students who feel strongly about how school meals are organised. At the moment, fruit is not being encouraged in schools while sweets and cakes are. We want to change this!

Author : junkVSfood


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Removing barriers from playgrounds for disabled children

It is fundamental that disabled children have access to play, it is their basic human right and is detrimental to their well being as well as their families. Playgrounds do not have...

Author : Amanda Roberts Mencap Cymru


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Stop this cruelty!

We must stop the suffering of all these animals! They are slaughtered AND without any anesthetic. Stop this cruelty!

Author : Gauthier Dany


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Reconsideration of Conviction of Murder

Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale ARE NOT murderers.  We believe that they have wrongly been convicted of Murder. They are the nicest guys that you could ever meet.  Always there to help...

Author : Laura Higgins


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Referendum on keeping Greece in the EU

The Greeks just voted by referendum, which is very good!  For us now, we, the European people to say if we want to continue to infuse a country that refuses to reform, who are proud but can...

Author : Gilles Billard


20 signatures

Justice for Fiji, a 14 month old boxer who died locked in a car in...

Fiji, a 14 month old boxer, died because he was left in a car in direct sunlight while its owners were shopping at Ikea. He remained trapped for 4hours before some people broke the car window....

Author : Pascal NAUD


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Put an end to Horse meat consumption !

It is no longer tolerable to slaughter horses just for the taste buds! It is a massacre of the living that you will stay there for future generations? That the European Union cares and that...

Author : Manuel


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Investigate the Prime Minister Over Alleged Money Pouring into...

I, the undersigned, would like the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to immediately freeze the bank accounts of Datuk Seri Najib Razak amid claims that the prime minister had large sums of...

Author : Alicia B.


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Accession by Guinea in the CFA zone

People of Guinea, for a long time our currency has been crumbling. I'm calling for a mobilisation to benefit from the generosity of UEMOA. We have more resources than our neighbours but our...

Author : Diawara C


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Asylum for Julian Assange

France, the country of human rights, can not refuse asylum to a man which only alerts the world of espionage on American excesses. Moreover, it seems essential to have priority access to information...

Author : Gilles Pierre


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Protect the hearing of babies and children during musical concerts

Children experiencing too many decibels can lose hearing if they are not protected by prolonged repetitive blasts of sound. Unwitting parents bring them along to concert halls in the evening or in...

Author : Mendez Joelle


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For an Equal Status of the population

I would like the richest to pay back the money they have too much of to a joint account to pay the UK debt and live in the same conditions that we, the middle class, do. I would like the big...

Author : D. M


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