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Campaigning for the mind

I'd like to bring to people’s attention the lack of awareness for mental health. It does bother me that so little is being done about such an important part of many people's lives. Many mental...

Author : E.L.


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No to parity

Parity made its entry everywhere, and especially in politics. In the 21st century, women are able to acquire diplomas and skills. The perverse effect is installed on an ancient principle, which...

Author : Martine Crocy


6 signatures

Save Kiwi and Dominique!

Sir, We call on you so that Kiwi and Dominique, the star bears you hold in captivity, can finally join a sanctuary. It is true that having a star bear, who brought millions to its protagonists,...

Author : cause animale nord


14.026 signatures

No to injecting artificial colouring in animals!

According to a survey we recently posted, 90% of people were not aware of this practice. Indeed, many fish: chanda, widows, corydoras, bearded danios and many others suffer being painted by...

Author : Young defenders of animals


3.645 signatures

For peace in Kivu

It has been nearly twenty years that the East of DRC is beset by endless armed conflicts for ulterior objectives that spread desolation in the region, including the raping of women of all...

Author : Join together and support from the women of Kivu..


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Justice for JC Levy from corrupt police in Taiwan !

My name is John Christopher Levy and I have been thrown into a Nightmare since 3 years. I am a good father with 3 little kids and I try my best to be a good husband in Taiwan since 10 years. Let me...

Author : JC Levy


9 signatures

Sharm el-Sheikh Crash in 2004: for the indictment of Mr. Nour, CEO of...

Recent plane tragedies have triggered waves of emotion and their many promises to do whatever it takes, etc., etc... In the case of Sharm El Sheikh, which claimed the lives of 148 victims...

Author : Marie-France Roche


40 signatures

Mr Kagame, leave our constitution alone!

Mister President, For African Presidents, the change of constitution is like an epidemic, they will do all that they can to hang on to power. The current Ugandan president has already changed...

Author : Eric


7 signatures

Rabbit Killer

Sir, One of your reporters just made a rabbit stew, (to feed her children), killing a poor 9 month old animal ..... with a blow using a bicycle pump! Show the world that the Netherlands is a...

Author : Pat L. A lover of animals


50 signatures

For a new Tiger Temple

Mr. Head of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation Department of Thailand In recent years Pha Luang Ta Wat Bua, known as Tiger Temple exploited a tiger farm illegally in Sai Yok in...

Author : Safarine Tous Kanchanaburi


437 signatures

Immediate shutdown on discretionary spending privileges of 200,000 /...

In a gesture of solidarity to stop blatant abuse and privileges granted among them by our politicians, we Quebecers are demanding to immediately review the discretionary budget granted to former...

Author : Michel Timperio


450 signatures

Stop child abuse in Central Africa!

Madam President, Minister, Madam Representative of UNICEF, A girl accused of witchcraft died in 2006 after being burned alive. "She was admitted to hospital last Monday, fatherless, the little...

Author : Association Femmes Vivantes


5.859 signatures