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Bring back Hollyoaks Later

Bring back Hollyoaks Later!! Us hollyoaks fans were gutted that Hollyoaks Later wasn't on our screens last year, as it's the 20th anniversary this year we really want it back!! Every sign matters!!

Author : Ollie P.


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Promote bicycle use in cities and elsewhere

How can we promote and expand the number of bike trips in and around cities, in order to act on the quality of the environment, the health of the Country (physical and mental) and the...

Author : P. Naivraxe


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Tax sweet and salty products !

By introducing a tax on sugary and/or salty products, we could : - Fight against the increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. - Reduce budgets involved in health expenditure. - Impose...

Author : M. Benard M.


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Greece Plan B Option B: Greece goes bankrupt, remains in the euro...

The austerity imposed by creditors corresponds to a chemo faced with a cancer of public debt, our Greek friends should not stop this chemo, it is necessary to be able to emerge sustainably providing...

Author : Philippe Ortolan


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Innocent dogs being killed for no reason other than people's enjoyment

I believe it is important to stop this ridiculous, outrageous and upsetting festival because innocent dogs are being killed in the most atrocious ways possible. Family pets are being snatched and...

Author : Demmi Harverson


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The debt of European nations

In solidarity with the Greek people and all the nations of Europe, we request details on debt in order for it to be re-examined and no longer succumb nations to poverty! Who are these people who...

Author : Zamblera chantal


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Legalisation of cannabis in the UK

Cannabis is known to help people with chronic pains, muscle spasms, insomnia, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, cancer, HIV/AIDs, nausea, depression, arthritis and many more. Cannabis will also...

Author : Daniel Goward


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Yes to wild animals in circuses !

It is highly important! The animals are pampered in circuses! In the wild they are killed! In circuses, they breed a lot! In nature, they are endangered!  On top of that, the...

Author : Clem G., Fan de cirque traditionnel


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No to trafficking and animal abuse!

There are millions of animals suffering in the world between the ceremonies in China (killing thousands of dogs), cat furs, experiments in laboratories on cats, dogs, or other animals (chemicals that...

Author : Nadia Tagounithamou, Volunteer at an animal shel..


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Let Belgian fries be recognised in the intangible cultural World...

All together so that Belgian chips are recognised in the cultural and intangible World Heritage of UNESCO!   Join us, foodies of all countries, in support of this worthy...

Author : Etienne Moulron, Le Phare, the Party of Humour R..


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Allow the Greyfriars Walk-in centre, Great Yarmouth to retain its...

Greyfriars has been serving the community of Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas for the past 6 years seeing in total 180,000 walk in patients. We have heard that Great Yarmouth and Waveney...

Author : Steve Hewitt


120 signatures

Stop Yulin

Yulin dog festival happens every year and during it 10,000 dogs are killed, tortured, skinned alive, burned alive, boiled alive, kept in tiny, crammed cages with other dogs all because it apparently...

Author : I'm only 15 and can't stand the thought of anima..


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