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Air France must stop transporting monkeys to laboratories

Today, Air France continues to be the largest trafficker of primates in the world. Everyone knows that these monkeys are transported to the laboratory such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories...

Author : Carmen Matula


28.801 signatures

Humanitarian solidarity with the Autochthonous people of Canada to...

1980-2013: 1,200 Indian women have been killed or disappeared in Canada. History persecution. Indigenous people in Canada face a special and unusual hardship caused by different treatments that...

Author : Lorraine et Denis Dubé


16.313 signatures

For Turkey to recognise the Armenian genocide of 1915

Turkey, a German ally at the time, exterminated Armenian Christians living on its territory by order of Kemal Pasha during the 14/18 war. Armenians were massacred. Some were able to escape, others...

Author : Marcel Garibaldi


2.468 signatures

For the creation of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of...

Dear Mr. Terzian, Dear Mrs. Defourny and Seroux, As you certainly know, a fratricidal war has been ravaging Eastern Ukraine since April 2014. According to recent UN reports, civil deaths exceed...

Author : Association humanitaire VOSTOK France


14.188 signatures

For the immediate release of cyber-activist Raif Badawi, sentenced to...

Prime Minister Harper, Mr Baird, Raif Badawi was wrongfully convicted of apostasy, which is contrary to the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This petition calls on...

Author : Louise D


40.252 signatures

#JeSuisCharlie - Nous sommes Charlie

Let's work together in support of the victims of Charlie Hebdo, the police officers and collateral casualties who died in the terrorist attack. When there are no more words to say, only acts can...

Author : Théo Bourgeois-Guelaff


94.540 signatures

Stop boars being hunted to death in pens by mastiffs!

Dogs (particularly Argentine mastiffs that are deemed to be one of the mastiffs with the most powerful jaws) are released into pens where wild boars await their fate. They start chasing the boars,...

Author : Xavier P


40.306 signatures

We reject the opening/expansion of the breeding centre for 1600...

We, the undersigned, absolutely protest the opening/expansion of the SILABE (Simian Laboratory Europe) breeding centre for 1,600 primates destined for animal experimentation, which is located at Fort...

Author : Pro Anima / Animalsace


55.294 signatures

No to phones made by child victims of forced labour!

Hello everyone, In a recent documentary on French television, the journalist Elise Lucet revealed the abuse and excesses within the international trade industry concerning the use of forced child...

Author : Gérard C


17.613 signatures

End the cruelty in poultry hatcheries !

Dear Ms Truss, Following the video from the L214 Association on the death of thousands of chicks placed in a Breton farm, we ask you to abolish once and for all this outrageous practice that is...

Author : Stéphane M.


41.629 signatures

#AsiaBibi: No to the death sentence of Asia Bibi in Pakistan for a...

Let us unite for Asia Bibi, the victim of a revolting injustice! This young Pakistani woman and mother of 5 children was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death for a glass of water. Of...

Author : Bernard S


48.345 signatures

The natural habitat of our beluga whales is being threatened by the...

It is said that forests are the lungs of the earth. The rivers are its blood vessels. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Quebec has 3% of the worlds'...

Author : Lorraine Dubé


44.840 signatures