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Stop corporal punishment! To pass a law which explicitly prohibits...

While we celebrated on November 20th, 2014, the 25th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations of the Convention on Children’s Rights, and that France has just been sentenced on the 4th...

Author : Muriel SALMONA psychiatrist, president of the as..


198 signatures

To support the survivors and their families affected by the...

Together let us mobilise to support families in Nepal overtaken by events, because our support can help revive these families. This earthquake has been totally devastating and ruined the...

Author : Thibaut


35 signatures

My husband is stuck in Madagascar with his 7 year old daughter

Hello, I appeal to all the well-placed people in government to ask for help because my husband aged 75 is a man of honour. He does not want and cannot return to France without his 7 year old...

Author : Colette Jacques, Kubista Kubista’s wife


21 signatures

Condemn the person who tied up and dragged his dog to death behind...

Please sign this petition which will condemn the person who tied his dog to the back of his car by one leg and dragged him by his car to death. This act is shameful and horrible! We ask the...

Author : Cynthia


25.883 signatures

Abolish inbreeding: no to the extinction of pedigree dogs

Dear signatories, This petition is addressed to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the Société Centrale Canine but also to political figures. You are probably aware of basic...

Author : Laddeniak, Président du CDAE et SPVICDS


149 signatures

Anay Aqbayli (Kabyle Flag)

For many years, Kabylia has been a battle ground although there has always been strong resistance! Some have tried to change its identity, others, their language, and, today their flag. We learned...

Author : Agdud


6 signatures

Save Djamilatou Maiga

Prime Minister of Quebec Philippe Couillard Minister of Health Gaétan Barrette Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Kathleen Weil Quebec citizens It is with great...

Author : A Quebec citizen


23 signatures

Mediterranean: when the European Union tramples on its humanist values

Dear Mr President, The extraordinary summit which was held on Thursday, April 23 bringing together the heads of States and Governments of the European Union, was not to the level of the human...

Author : CCFD - Terre Solidaire: First French association..


12.350 signatures

To reject the unacceptable and the unthinkable incurable dictatorship...

Since 1963, Togo is led by a single clan, the shining Gnassingbe, held by a governance with an iron hand and supported by France, the colonial power. The majority of the Togolese people live in a...

Author : Association CADD, ( Citoyens en Action pour la D..


1.441 signatures

No to products tested on animals!

Hello, I want to protect all animals and I want the world to begin to raise awareness on this issue! That's why I created this petition against animal testing!

Author : Shanti V


402 signatures

Elephants trained to sniff explosives, it must be stopped!

In South Africa, African elephants are trained to find explosives. Indeed, their smell is one of the best among mammals. Two years ago, some keepers from a reservation began to train elephants to...

Author : Emma Sarge


26.939 signatures

Stop the slaughter of sharks

Slaughtering over 100 million sharks each year for a gastronomically poor soup, culturally weak but financially very profitable for some, makes those who have the power to act and who do nothing,...

Author : Jacques Magne


6.150 signatures