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No to products tested on animals!

Hello, I want to protect all animals and I want the world to begin to raise awareness on this issue! That's why I created this petition against animal testing!

Author : Shanti V


40 signatures

Elephants trained to sniff explosives, it must be stopped!

In South Africa, African elephants are trained to find explosives. Indeed, their smell is one of the best among mammals. Two years ago, some keepers from a reservation began to train elephants to...

Author : Emma Sarge


699 signatures

Stop the slaughter of sharks

Slaughtering over 100 million sharks each year for a gastronomically poor soup, culturally weak but financially very profitable for some, makes those who have the power to act and who do nothing,...

Author : Jacques Magne


203 signatures

Unite against a Youtube fee!

It has been decided, Youtube will no longer be free of charge. Youtube partners like me will be forced to pay for their videos. I do not want to pay 5€ per month for videos. This is the price...

Author : Retech, pseudo youtuber


107 signatures

For video refereeing in the world of Football

It's time to revolt against the FA and other senior leaders of football. Video refereeing should intervene in the decisions of the referees to avoid disagreements that could be avoided! Sign...

Author : S.N


43 signatures

Let's start a class action against the drug Haloperidol

We must initiate a class action to compensate patients who have had problems or irreversible effects with the drug Haloperidol, a neuroleptic antipsychotic used for brainwashing in the 50s! Some...

Author : Michel Boudreau


4 signatures

For the decriminalisation of cannabis

For centuries, smoking is almost like an institution and good wine has not always had the first role for a state of inebriation in the UK, with our poets and their ancestors. I am circulating this...

Author : Laetitia O


338 signatures

Help for the release of Gao Zhisheng

Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng, is one of the defenders of the most respected human rights in China. He defended expelled residents, patients that were victims of medical errors, and Christians...

Author : Suzi D


156 signatures

Free Nadiya Savchenko!

Mr Putin, You currently hold a young, 36 year old Ukrainian woman on hunger strike since 89 days. You are holding her alive by perfusions. Her only charge is for defending her country, Ukraine,...

Author : Beatrice Beuselinck


4.768 signatures

Air France must stop transporting monkeys to laboratories

Today, Air France continues to be the largest trafficker of primates in the world. Everyone knows that these monkeys are transported to the laboratory such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories...

Author : Carmen Matula


29.029 signatures

Humanitarian solidarity with the Autochthonous people of Canada to...

1980-2013: 1,200 Indian women have been killed or disappeared in Canada. History persecution. Indigenous people in Canada face a special and unusual hardship caused by different treatments that...

Author : Lorraine et Denis Dubé


16.358 signatures

Ban paraben and aluminium in hygiene products!

Dear Mr Hunt, I would like to draw your attention to the dangers of parabens and aluminium in hygiene and food products. These products are used far too frequently are harmful to the health of...

Author : Vincent LEBER


6.076 signatures