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Save the children's ward at Dorset county hospital

The children’s ward at Dorset County Hospital is at risk of a major overhaul of the county’s healthcare services. A document suggests that children who need specialist assessment and care...

Author : Naomi


2.384 signatures

Transsexual identity: promulgate a law allowing a change of identity!

Today many transsexuals undergo aggression, sometimes fatal, and difficulties in their daily lives, including finding a job, because they had the courage to undertake hormone treatment to eventually...

Author : Frédérique Petit


13 signatures

No to RoundUp in New Caledonia

The New Caledonia annually imports some 10 000 litres of products containing Glyphosate, the active molecule of the famous herbicide Roundup, which is the best-selling pesticide in the world ... and...

Author : STOP OGM Pacifique


880 signatures

The Palmyra site under threat from Daech

After numerous sites in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, it is now the turn of Palmyra, an admirable and breathtakingly beautiful archaeological site, in the heart of Syria, to be under threat from...

Author : Bernard Moreau


485 signatures

Teaching Services

Our time is unpaid between classes whereas in all other French institutions: it is paid. In other words, we work for free for an hour and a half every week. Our requests to make our educational...

Author : Secondary school teachers, International School ..


1 signatures

Save the Quenza Castle

More than ever before Quenza castle needs a strong mobilisation around it to help the town and all those who have a real interest and commitment to this significant neo style Tuscan house, built in...

Author : Friends of the Quenza Castle


173 signatures

First Aid and CPR Certification: Lifesaving for all!

In France, 50,000 people die each year from sudden death (140,000 in the UK) and domestic accidents from everyday life, or road accidents, which is the leading cause of mortality. A victim does...

Author : Serge Ibanez, National First Aid Instructor and ..


646 signatures

Petition for a more severe sentence against the abuse of animals

Animals suffer all kinds of abuse (abuse from their owners, trafficking, cruelty due to the demand for fur clothing in the fashion industry, vivisection ...) but also a large number of...

Author : Deborah Wanda, animal protection Association


1.208 signatures

No to the abuse of neuroleptic prescriptions, benzodiazepines and...

We are all affected by this health scandal whose first victims are the elderly. Their use which has grown rapidly in recent years, is the subject of controversy, in particular because of the large...

Author : CHATENET Patrice, son of a victim


46 signatures

Make dog breeders more responsible!

Dear signatory, Each of us is aware that the dangerous dogs law says must be stopped and abolished! All dogs can be dangerous, especially if they are not educated or socialised. The general...

Author : Laddeniak, president of the CDAE and the SPVICDS


54 signatures

For a moratorium on the import of papaya seeds in New Caledonia

Petition for a Moratorium on imported papaya seeds to New Caledonia In February of 2014, the New Caledonian Government passed an order to ban the importation of GM fruit seeds, including papaya,...

Author : STOP OGM Pacific


1.379 signatures

For the resumption of the Silent Hills game!

Konami's decision to discontinue the development of Silent Hills has disappointed us all. Please Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro! Many players await the resumption and the re-launch of this...

Author : Alexander Lalis


4 signatures