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Justice for Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, killed...

Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, was killed on July 27, 2015. Although the animal was the pride of the Zimbabwe’s National park, Hwange, for the past 13 years, he was killed...

Author : Pascal NAUD


146.662 signatures

we want to make it clear to one direction that European fans are...

Europeans FANS are tired of 1D's attitude !! WE are tired of this shit !!!We want to make it clear to one direction that European fans are tired of not be thanked enough for everything they do...

Author : europeans fans of one direction


12 signatures

to add barkingside to fifa as 6 star team

to add barkinside to fifa as a 6 star team !

Author : Ronaldo S.


0 signatures

I would like Derbyshire county council to make a them we park on...

Shipley lake hasn't been used in 8 years and it's about time to get it into public use. So the best idea is to make a theme park like the american adventure theme park. No one wants houses built on...

Author : Declan Salmon


20 signatures

To ensure all perpetrators are punished at the highest level possible...

Rajon (13 Years): If Death is the penalty for stealing, what should be the punishment for killing? The cold blooded murderers of Rajan (13) captured the disturbing assault on mobile and uploaded it...

Author : Joynal HussainPrime


13 signatures

The Restoration of the The Word of God (The Bible)

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!  THE CRISIS: Many of you may have come across the alarming news that the publishing company Zondervan is now owned by Harpercollins! This may mean absolutely...

Author : The Body of Christ


4 signatures

No to the Hitler salute within our European institutions!

It is totally unacceptable that France has not reacted to the Hitler salute from the far-right MP within the European Parliament. Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish MEP, should be sacked for...

Author : Rachel Chaouat


2.665 signatures

Stop meat-eating !

Stop eating meat and stop executing animals in the most barbaric way. We can live without meat! Animals, like us, must be respected. They suffer like us so stop this unspeakable carnage! We eat...

Author : Véronique Théron


556 signatures

Recycling bins for everyone !

Getting recycling bins are important because lots of reusable materials are being thrown away. We needed to change this.

Author : Get recycling bins in RWBA


0 signatures

Ban helium for recreational use

Helium is a non renewable source which is extracted from natural resources has been getting scarce in places like the UK and US for a number of years. Helium balloons are often used at parties and...

Author : Bethan Batson


73 signatures

Resignation of President François Hollande

Mr Hollande should resign for failure to comply with his campaign commitments and shortfalls of results of the policy pursued by his government. A candidate running for the highest office in our...

Author : Jean-Yves Nougairedes


97 signatures

Healthier meals in school

We are a group of students who feel strongly about how school meals are organised. At the moment, fruit is not being encouraged in schools while sweets and cakes are. We want to change this!

Author : junkVSfood


2 signatures