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What is MesOpinions?

Launched in 2006, mesopinions.com is the largest petition and survey website in France.

Highly reactive on social networks, our community includes 4 million users of which 112,000 are followers on Facebook. Our site currently hosts over 17,800 petitions and 3,400 surveys on various topics (politics, justice, environment, animal welfare, health, media etc.).

We have an average of 10 new petitions being started each day and a dozen victories each month at mesopinions.com!

What is mesopinions.com’s goal?

Development of the internet and social networks allows mesopinions.com to be at the service of a participative democracy by involving its users. On this platform, accessible to all, everyone can have their voice heard and become agents of change by launching a campaign.

- Each user can only sign once per petition, and must validate their signature

- Surveys, petitions and newsletters from the website can be shared on social media

- Signatories' comments are a source of support and ideas for petition authors

- The massive use of this tool for mobilisation leads states, businesses, and leaders to conduct their actions with caution. They now know that anyone can become a whistle-blower and trigger a mobilisation, thus allowing “ordinary people” to become agents of change.

Why should you trust MesOpinions?

Major campaign partners

Numerous organisations and charities have chosen us to publicise their campaign (Fondation Abbé Pierre, Petit Frère des Pauvres, Cimade, Action contre la faim, Care, le Secours Populaire, etc).

Incorporating the latest developments in current affairs

The media regularly collaborates with MesOpinions.com like France Inter who wished to launch its March 8th appeal of on our site, or RMC which publicised via our platform its petition against the decriminalisation of prostitution.

Moreover, our team who is strongly present on social network sites, carry out daily monitoring in the national and international press in order to update your campaigns.

Some campaign examples :

Petition :

- Following a traffic accident, Antony loses his life. His family mobilises to convince the TV programme "All together" that the latter absolutely must intervene to complete the construction work in progress. Anthony’s wife, devastated by this drama, needs help. After a great campaign, victory comes: French TV channel TF1 chooses the family to participate in the show, helping the construction work to be finished rapidly.

- The L214 Association mobilises our website against horrendous livestock conditions in Haute-Savoie. The inexcusable situation of a pig farm located in the town of Seyssel, raises an important awareness within the community. After 26 000 signatures and comments, prefecture services decide that the Seyssel pig farm permanently ceases its activity.

- Finally, the scandal in the health field is another great victory. Sylvie Imbert, President of the Baclofen association is fighting for a fast extension of the marketing authorisation for baclofen in the treatment of alcoholism. After a tenacious five-year struggle, doctors will finally be able to prescribe this medicine to fight against this affliction more easily.

Partnership :

The 8th of March for dignity and equality: 45,792 signatures

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