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Latest petitions - Health

MesOpinions.com defends our health system. Let’s unite to defend hospitals for everyone, to fight against service closures, to fight against the use of bisphenol A, to protect women’s health and safeguarding the diabetic community. There are many other petitions online for a better health for everyone, let’s mobilise.

Ban helium for recreational use

Helium is a non renewable source which is extracted from natural resources has been getting scarce in places like the UK and US for a number of years. Helium balloons are often used at parties and...

Author : Bethan Batson


87 signatures

Healthier meals in school

We are a group of students who feel strongly about how school meals are organised. At the moment, fruit is not being encouraged in schools while sweets and cakes are. We want to change this!

Author : junkVSfood


4 signatures

Tax sweet and salty products !

By introducing a tax on sugary and/or salty products, we could : - Fight against the increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. - Reduce budgets involved in health expenditure. - Impose...

Author : M. Benard M.


21 signatures

Legalisation of cannabis in the UK

Cannabis is known to help people with chronic pains, muscle spasms, insomnia, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, cancer, HIV/AIDs, nausea, depression, arthritis and many more. Cannabis will also...

Author : Daniel Goward


2 signatures

Allow the Greyfriars Walk-in centre, Great Yarmouth to retain its...

Greyfriars has been serving the community of Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas for the past 6 years seeing in total 180,000 walk in patients. We have heard that Great Yarmouth and Waveney...

Author : Steve Hewitt


140 signatures

The Medication Mafia

Dear reader The whistle-blower pharmacist Serge Rader is currently broadcasting an important message regarding your wallet as well as your health. I am relaying this information because it is...

Author : Rémi Laure


3.190 signatures

Campaigning for the mind

I'd like to bring to people’s attention the lack of awareness for mental health. It does bother me that so little is being done about such an important part of many people's lives. Many mental...

Author : E.L.


2 signatures

First Aid and CPR Certification: Lifesaving for all!

In France, 50,000 people die each year from sudden death (140,000 in the UK) and domestic accidents from everyday life, or road accidents, which is the leading cause of mortality. A victim does...

Author : Serge Ibanez, National First Aid Instructor and ..


757 signatures

No to the abuse of neuroleptic prescriptions, benzodiazepines and...

We are all affected by this health scandal whose first victims are the elderly. Their use which has grown rapidly in recent years, is the subject of controversy, in particular because of the large...

Author : CHATENET Patrice, son of a victim


85 signatures

Let's start a class action against the drug Haloperidol

We must initiate a class action to compensate patients who have had problems or irreversible effects with the drug Haloperidol, a neuroleptic antipsychotic used for brainwashing in the 50s! Some...

Author : Michel Boudreau


11 signatures

Ban paraben and aluminium in hygiene products!

Dear Mr Hunt, I would like to draw your attention to the dangers of parabens and aluminium in hygiene and food products. These products are used far too frequently are harmful to the health of...

Author : Vincent LEBER


6.304 signatures

The tanneries in Bangladesh are a scandal!

We just saw a shocking documentary on France 2 on French TV, about tanneries in Bangladesh. Children as young as 12 years old are working there with adults, barefoot in water containing mercury,...

Author : Evelyne Colin


11.487 signatures