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Mesopinions.com fights against all forms of animal abuse. Let us unite to protect abandoned dogs and cats, saying no to poorly managed pet shops, real justice against animal perpetrators and banning the sale of fur. Many other petitions for animal rights are online, sign our petitions. Together, we can protect the animals!

Petition for a more severe sentence against the abuse of animals

Animals suffer all kinds of abuse (abuse from their owners, trafficking, cruelty due to the demand for fur clothing in the fashion industry, vivisection ...) but also a large number of...

Author : Deborah Wanda, animal protection Association


1.327 signatures

Stop the poor conditions that parrots are subjected to live in!

I have found that whether in private, in a cafe, or in a department store, that parrots are kept throughout their lives, in narrow cages, relegated to corners. Some can hardly move as their living...

Author : Bec Nicole


10.948 signatures

Stop the slaughter of healthy animals in zoos and wildlife parks!

A Young Scimitar-horned antelope -a: species threatened with extinction- and two healthy bison were euthanized at the Wildlife Park Planckendael! The argument of the park to explain this gesture,...

Author : Sabrina Krzeminski


27.710 signatures

Condemn the person who tied up and dragged his dog to death behind...

Please sign this petition which will condemn the person who tied his dog to the back of his car by one leg and dragged him by his car to death. This act is shameful and horrible! We ask the...

Author : Cynthia


27.387 signatures

Abolish inbreeding: no to the extinction of pedigree dogs

Dear signatories, This petition is addressed to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the Société Centrale Canine but also to political figures. You are probably aware of basic...

Author : Laddeniak, Président du CDAE et SPVICDS


251 signatures

No to products tested on animals!

Hello, I want to protect all animals and I want the world to begin to raise awareness on this issue! That's why I created this petition against animal testing!

Author : Shanti V


552 signatures

Elephants trained to sniff explosives, it must be stopped!

In South Africa, African elephants are trained to find explosives. Indeed, their smell is one of the best among mammals. Two years ago, some keepers from a reservation began to train elephants to...

Author : Emma Sarge


27.585 signatures

Stop the slaughter of sharks

Slaughtering over 100 million sharks each year for a gastronomically poor soup, culturally weak but financially very profitable for some, makes those who have the power to act and who do nothing,...

Author : Jacques Magne


6.616 signatures

Air France must stop transporting monkeys to laboratories

Today, Air France continues to be the largest trafficker of primates in the world. Everyone knows that these monkeys are transported to the laboratory such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories...

Author : Carmen Matula


33.908 signatures

Stop boars being hunted to death in pens by mastiffs!

Dogs (particularly Argentine mastiffs that are deemed to be one of the mastiffs with the most powerful jaws) are released into pens where wild boars await their fate. They start chasing the boars,...

Author : Xavier P


40.411 signatures

We reject the opening/expansion of the breeding centre for 1600...

We, the undersigned, absolutely protest the opening/expansion of the SILABE (Simian Laboratory Europe) breeding centre for 1,600 primates destined for animal experimentation, which is located at Fort...

Author : Pro Anima / Animalsace


63.516 signatures

End the cruelty in poultry hatcheries !

Dear Ms Truss, Following the video from the L214 Association on the death of thousands of chicks placed in a Breton farm, we ask you to abolish once and for all this outrageous practice that is...

Author : Stéphane M.


41.763 signatures