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Mesopinions.com fights against all forms of animal abuse. Let us unite to protect abandoned dogs and cats, saying no to poorly managed pet shops, real justice against animal perpetrators and banning the sale of fur. Many other petitions for animal rights are online, sign our petitions. Together, we can protect the animals!

No to the abandonment of animals

Abandoning them is a terrible punishment, it is as if you were tied to a tree, a pole ... and you are left there to die of hunger, thirst... Fortunately, shelters exist. That is not a reason. When...

Author : Kadded Jeanne


186 signatures

Inform consumers of living conditions and the slaughtering of animals.

Faced with the horror of the food industry, where the animals are victims of torture and non-ethical practices, the main problem is the consumer ignoring the situation that fuels this barbaric trade,...

Author : Océane V


9.194 signatures

Innocent dogs being killed for no reason other than people's enjoyment

I believe it is important to stop this ridiculous, outrageous and upsetting festival because innocent dogs are being killed in the most atrocious ways possible. Family pets are being snatched and...

Author : Demmi Harverson


6 signatures

Yes to wild animals in circuses !

It is highly important! The animals are pampered in circuses! In the wild they are killed! In circuses, they breed a lot! In nature, they are endangered!  On top of that, the...

Author : Clem G., Fan de cirque traditionnel


34 signatures

No to trafficking and animal abuse!

There are millions of animals suffering in the world between the ceremonies in China (killing thousands of dogs), cat furs, experiments in laboratories on cats, dogs, or other animals (chemicals that...

Author : Nadia Tagounithamou, Volunteer at an animal shel..


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Stop Yulin

Yulin dog festival happens every year and during it 10,000 dogs are killed, tortured, skinned alive, burned alive, boiled alive, kept in tiny, crammed cages with other dogs all because it apparently...

Author : I'm only 15 and can't stand the thought of anima..


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Stop the Yulin festival in China where dogs are tortured to death

A festival (Yulin) is regularly held in China for the purpose of torturing dogs to death. Thousands of dogs will, on this occasion, suffer, be slaughtered, beaten to death, skinned alive and eaten by...

Author : Pascal NAUD


2.061 signatures

Stop animal suffering

It is by coming together that we will be more united with our four-legged friends. Our hearts suffer from seeing all this complacency and suffering. So, I would like to invite all those who love,...

Author : Allé F.


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Against the use of live cats to feed crocodiles in Peru

Images of a cat thrown into a pond of crocodiles in Peru have been circulating for days on social media networks. Filmed in Iquitos in northern Peru, the scene shows two men laughing when shooting...

Author : Pascal NAUD


9.659 signatures

To equip our animals with a GPS beacon - anti-trafficking combat

Following the theft of my dog not so long ago, I realised that thousands of people, like me, were victim of the theft of their animals. And these poor animals, which are used mostly for traffic, go...

Author : Melissa JANIVEL


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Stop the mistreatment and killing of dogs in Iran!

Dear Friends, We would like to inform you of a horrible injustice that is affecting dogs in Iran. The dogs are being killed with acid through syringes used by men, the dog being considered as...

Author : L.M.


15.762 signatures

Justice for Ray and all the animals abused in Morocco!

As actors of animal protection in Morocco and throughout the world, we ask you today to put an end to the suffering, torture and abuse suffered by stray animals of the Kingdom. Today, it was...

Author : Aziza Nait Sibaha


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