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Latest petitions - Animals

Mesopinions.com fights against all forms of animal abuse. Let us unite to protect abandoned dogs and cats, saying no to poorly managed pet shops, real justice against animal perpetrators and banning the sale of fur. Many other petitions for animal rights are online, sign our petitions. Together, we can protect the animals!

Stop the whales massacres

Japan has just announced the resumption of the hunting of whales in Antarctica next March. These massacres are stupid and useless. There is an international moratorium on the whaling since 1986,...

Author : Patricia Fournier-Dhervillez


65.637 signatures

Maximum jail sentence for man who buried dog alive.

Animal cruelty must be punished to the maximum sentence and it must be stopped! Please sign this petition so that the man who buried this little dog alive will get the maximum sentence.  

Author : Bethany Miracle


143 signatures

To Stop this nonsense of wanting to eliminate cats

The Australian government, many times , have made mistakes in wanting to control animal behavior (rabbits, foxes, kangourous...). This time they are calling to kill all cats found outside the homes...

Author : Jenny


532 signatures

Maximum sentence for the owner of the Dogue de Bordeaux found buried...

A date has been planned for the trial of the owner of the dog that was found buried alive in Carrieres sur Seine. The trial will take place in March 2016. With our petition, we are asking for the...

Author : Cécile Lerminiaux


534.443 signatures

Justice for Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, killed...

Cecil, the famous black maned lion from Zimbabwe, was killed on July 27, 2015. Although the animal was the pride of the Zimbabwe’s National park, Hwange, for the past 13 years, he was killed...

Author : Pascal N.


157.050 signatures

Stop meat-eating !

Stop eating meat and stop executing animals in the most barbaric way. We can live without meat! Animals, like us, must be respected. They suffer like us so stop this unspeakable carnage! We eat...

Author : Véronique Théron


693 signatures

Stop this cruelty!

We must stop the suffering of all these animals! They are slaughtered AND without any anesthetic. Stop this cruelty!

Author : Gauthier Dany


821 signatures

Justice for Fiji, a 14 month old boxer who died locked in a car in...

Fiji, a 14 month old boxer, died because he was left in a car in direct sunlight while its owners were shopping at Ikea. He remained trapped for 4hours before some people broke the car window....

Author : Pascal NAUD


11.509 signatures

Put an end to Horse meat consumption !

It is no longer tolerable to slaughter horses just for the taste buds! It is a massacre of the living that you will stay there for future generations? That the European Union cares and that...

Author : Manuel


734 signatures

No to the abandonment of animals

Abandoning them is a terrible punishment, it is as if you were tied to a tree, a pole ... and you are left there to die of hunger, thirst... Fortunately, shelters exist. That is not a reason. When...

Author : Kadded Jeanne


616 signatures

Inform consumers of living conditions and the slaughtering of animals.

Faced with the horror of the food industry, where the animals are victims of torture and non-ethical practices, the main problem is the consumer ignoring the situation that fuels this barbaric trade,...

Author : Océane V


29.329 signatures

Innocent dogs being killed for no reason other than people's enjoyment

I believe it is important to stop this ridiculous, outrageous and upsetting festival because innocent dogs are being killed in the most atrocious ways possible. Family pets are being snatched and...

Author : Demmi Harverson


105 signatures