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NOVA Empire game Idea

NOVA Empire game Idea Sondage
13 participants
Auteur : Serveur Hermes 195

hi, you have a good game but i think he can be better. 
your game need: 

----------------------- FIRST IDEA ------------------------- 

- pact between alliance. Only the leader can choose between friends, neutral, ennemie. 
you can change your decision only all 24h. 

and have many optional for friends: 
accept or not 
- traveling in your alliance territory 
- gatherer asteroid - scanning planet 
- attacking pirate 
and no attack possible between players of friends alliance. 

only ennemies alliances can war. 

--------------------------- SECOND IDEA -----------------------

introduce new defensive ship installations: 
- nanobot (cost crazy in mineral but can regenerate the life of the ship and the shield) (just for example: cost 10m per module regenerate 0,10% / min = 6% hours) 
- Stabilizer: can reduce the temp post jump 
- reactor: make your ship faster in system and jump between systems 

and add new color for ship installations. (blue, purple and orange) 

----------------------- THIRD IDEA ----------------
Create an arena just for fun, player can play 1amiral vs 1amiral (same color) with no lose ship and create a new ranking :) 

----------------------- I HAVE FINISH ^^ --------------
thank you for taking the time to read me, cordially toxs
13 participants
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4 commentaires
Tox - Le 08/08/2018 à 17:31:50
i like all idea and think have an urgence to insert the first idea in the game.
Alex - Le 09/08/2018 à 10:17:18
Augmenter le stockage des ressources d'énergie et de minerai s'il vous plaît
Le 08/08/2018 à 17:43:37
1and 3 needed really!
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