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WhatsApp GB 2021 updates its new features
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Today, OtherWhatsApp, we will provide new features for WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp GB 2021 updates new features

WhatsApp GB 2021 is a variant of the anti-banned WhatsApp Mod created by Sam Mods. It is the best variant of WhatsApp Mod with all new features and quality improvements like new UI display, Instagram type status views etc. Suitable for those who are fed up with official or other versions. Then the best choice for you right now might be the new version of WhatsApp GB.

GB WhatsApp has a variety of features that the original WhatsApp did not have, here the administrator will describe some of its features:


This is a feature that allows you to control who can call you through WhatsApp. This function can be found in the Privacy and security menu of the GB settings.

WhatsApp GB 2021 updates new features2. GBTHEMES

On the original WhatsApp, you can only change UI display in light mode or dark mode. With GB WhatsApp, you will be presented with a variety of very interesting themes.

There are over 1000 themes on GBThemes that you can choose as you like to make your GB WhatsApp even cooler.

WhatsApp GB 2021 updates new features3. UIGB HOUSE STYLE

WhatsApp offers several attractive and minimalist user interface (UI) style choices. This function can be found in the Header menu of the GB settings home screen.

WhatsApp GB 2021 updates new features4. SAFETY FUNCTIONS

If you are a very privacy-conscious person and don't like WA chats or chats being spied on by other people, then GB WhatsApp has provided security features to lock down every chat. You can choose different chat lock methods according to your needs, such as password, pattern, pin code and fingerprint lock.


WhatsApp is known to be more ban resistant than other versions of WhatsApp MOD. Indeed, the GB WhatsApp developer is still active in updating the application by following the privacy policy on the original WhatsApp.

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