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Johann für Weltherrschaft

Johann für Weltherrschaft Pétition
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Apple, Microsoft, Google, Kim Jong Un
La pétition
I would like to be world president. Unfortunately, I am not yet. Help me with that. Kim? Bill? Tom? support me in this and I will consider maybe giving something back to you, maybe not...Probably be busy then.
Then there's only one thing left to say:

나는 세계 대통령이되고 싶다
Or how we in Germany say it:
Ich President werden wollen

about myself:
I'm an average boy, you know what I mean. Most of us are, aren't we? And that's exactly what I stand for. For every person who is also just average, for every boy who always wanted to play the cool guy and beat up his friends, for every boy who got turned down by a girl because she thought I wouldn't achieve anything in life anyway.

But most of all for the memes. Sign this petition, not because you want me to be your president, but for the memes, and all the memers out there who will see me as their role model. Do it for the little boy in Nigeria who, thanks to me, will have an idol and forget for a second his unbelievable poverty and hunger. THANK YOU

2 signatures
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