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#StopDeforestation Pétition
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SINGH Harpreet
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La pétition

What exactly is deforestation ? What are the causes ?

Deforestation is the process of reducing forest areas. Deforestation is happening when forest areas are permanently lost to other uses such as agriculture, urbanisation, or mine.

Human activities are the main cause of global deforestation. For example, commercial agriculture is responsible for 40% of global deforestation

However, the ecological value of forests is completely overlooking in favour of the energy resources that can be extracting from them.

Every year, the exploitation of forests for fuelwood, agriculture or global paper production is contributing almost 600 billion dollars to global GDP.

What about the consequences ?

43 million hectares of forest disappeared between 2004 and 2017. While others are spreading over a smaller and smaller area, which dramatically changes the appearance of some areas, and makes them lose some of their charm.

It is important to know that the practice itself is a source of pollution. The trunks are burnt, releasing a huge quantity of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Deforestation is also having a very strong impact on climate change. Less trees means less absorbed CO2 and consequently more greenhouse effect.

By destroying natural environments, human activities are threatening the existence of the species and this can have important consequences on the natural balance.

 What are our goals ?

This is about being able to invest in a stable environment, supervise and control the implementation of projects and reduce the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.

All ways are good to save the planet and they involve small and large actions.

To reduce GHG emissions, it is possible to reforest, limit energy consumption or promote renewable energy, wherever you are.

We must denounce bad practices and propose acceptable alternatives. 

We should also encourage legislation to protect forests.

 What should you do?

You have to sign this petition to finally change things.

Petitions are effective, you must not give up.

We need more than fifty million signatures to make a significant difference.

Please share this petition on the social network of your choice with #StopDeforestation.

You can also go out and demonstrate in the street, like when around 2,000 people gathered on Friday 23 August 2019 in front of the Brazilian embassy in London to protest to save the fire-ravaged Amazon, initiating a series of protests planned around the world for the world's "burning" lung.

125 signatures
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Plus que 375 signatures pour que cette pétition soit diffusée dans la newsletter MesOpinions !
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Lucas - Le 09/01/2022 à 18:32:35
To support my friend and advocate against deforestation
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Philippe - Le 12/01/2022 à 11:34:55
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Le 11/01/2022 à 18:06:22
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