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Let's save the dark night sky

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Pétition : Let's save the dark night sky

Auteur : Jean-Louis Bellencourt

Destinataire(s) : Elisabeth Borne (Ministre de la Transition écologique et solidaire)
Population à l'internationale

Il faut le contrôle d'une entité internationale reconnue sur tous les nouveaux lancements de satellites artificiels de la Terre pour éviter une pollution irréversible de notre ciel nocturne.

"We the People of the Earth, in order to protect the dark night sky for the well-being of mankind and future generations, as well as for the benefit of all living animals and biological species on this planet, do ordain that a stop immediately be put to the deployment of countless artificial satellites, and that no person nor any business or institution of any nation shall be entitled to launch into Earth near space, any contraption of any kind without the prior clearance of the government of the United Nations."
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