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safeguarding the natural and archaeological heritage of Krabi area of Krabi (Southtern Thailand)

Pétition : safeguarding the natural and archaeological heritage of Krabi area of Krabi (Southtern Thailand) Pétition

safeguarding the natural and archaeological heritage of Krabi area of Krabi (Southtern Thailand)

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Krabi Muang. Amphoe Paknam. 81000 Krabi Thailand
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Authorities of Thailand
La pétition
Krabi is a tempting, unique area by its configuration and rich by a strong prehistoric past. Krabi attracts many visitors each year. This beauty is however fragile and attracts today various harmful covetousnesses.
Intensive monocultures, deforestation, quarries (… but also a certain way of tourism) jeopardize this beautiful region.

The goal of this Website, and the main objective of "sosKrabi", is to inform and mobilize the consciences for the conservation of this really particular area. It is a call to the international community because it's a problem of preserving a world heritage of great importance.

The attention of "sosKrabi" is focused today on a quarry which has been recently open without “legal” authorization. This new quarry destroyed one of the prettiest assembly lines which characterize the area. These mountains shelter still unexplored prehistoric caves in which are important prehistoric vestiges, more than 40.000 years for some...!

Capped by rare remainders of primary forests hitherto saved, these mountains are in the hands of Bangkok rich companies who grant illegally the rights to reduce them in several aggregates (stones, materials for cement, constructions, etc).

Last bastions for the wildlife, they are seriously threatened, by cupidities of men without scruples whose scandalous actions are carried out discreetly and most if the inhabitants are not informed by the reality woven in these landscapes which are stupidly destroyed.

It's however here a triple rape : one for the past by the violent profanation of prehistory; a second for the present by the egoistic destruction of a rare and single ecological beauty; and the last for the future which is the children's one which will have only remainders of nature.

It's time to act NOW ! > The quarry has just started and it's necessary to act before it's too late !
144 signatures
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55 commentaires
Gerald - Le 08/08/2010 à 10:32:37
quand cessera la bêtise humaine!
Martin - Le 10/06/2010 à 15:19:17
Please stop the quarry !
Helmut - Le 10/06/2010 à 13:40:55
Apart from the prehistoric, cultural & touristic value, limestone karst is also immensly important for the preservation of biodiversity, harbouring a lot of species found nowhere else.
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