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Auteur :
Auteur(s) :
Alexis Jacquot
Destinataire(s) :
cour pénal international
La pétition
The Spirit Rapists
The mental attack had begun through a dream, to get to know their victims better, the spirit rapists to learn about his life in every detail, They would plunder the slightest bit of personal information and then be able to manipulate in the worst possible way the emotions, the mind, and the hearts of their victims. Their goals were the total destruction and enslavement of the whole of humanity, certainly dominating the world was their goals, and for them, as the saying goes, no matter how to achieve their ends and their faims, either it was the most sordid and despite the internal dissidences within their movements, they nevertheless remained that they all enjoyed a certain pleasure related to a sadism of an unequalled rarity, the pure souls in the middle of this fight, Although entangled in the ongoing war, she was aware of the unequalled cruelty that struck humanity, she had not given up their strongest and most beautiful weapons, love for shields and humour as a weapon of destruction, although insufficient in the face of the threat posed by the rapists of spirits, the destroyers of dreams and all the other names that history may give them, there remained another, not as invincible as love, because it is the same one that they had perverted, a weapon that has been transmitted since the dawn of time, a weapon essential to the mind in order to be able to defend and attack in these troubled times that they had created, knowledge. Let us return to one of their weapons of choice, the mental confusion, once in possession of the personal information of the person, whether in the order of the character, the way to express oneself, the knowledge of the slightest relationship of the people around him, feelings and emotions that bind us, of all past events that may have been gleaned from the attic of common memory, whether true or false, but part of the social life of the individual, it will be used to destroy the person or direct them to a fate that is detrimental to their plan, making you successively a horseman, a tower, a madman, a mere pawn on a chessboard and if they make you a king, or a queen for a moment, it will only be in their interests, which means being a pawn in the end. In turn, they can give you all the roles, considering themselves to be gods, they have nothing to do with the consequences of their actions as long as it keeps them in power, behind laudable intentions for the common mortal that we are, they hide the truth to better manipulate us, exploiting your fears to dominate the world. I’ll show you the reality. Remember free will. Once they know all of his information, how you express yourself, how you think, they insinuate themselves into your mind, into the construction of your thoughts in ways so sneaky that it may pass unnoticed as an uninformed mind, bringing you on paths of thought to lead you to ideas that loosen their purposes, to bring you to choices that are not yours. To thwart their traps, self-knowledge is paramount, because it can be done in such a subtle way that it seems to you, that free will may disappear. They thus trap your mind in all impunity and if you discover the pot au rose, by the knowledge you have of yourself, you will have trouble keeping a holy spirit because then perversion, torture, sadism, the manipulation that they will exert towards you will be on an immeasurable scale, to that of the whole of society, as well as your loved ones, as well as your friends and your distant acquaintances may be unconsciously embroiled, leaving you initially in isolation. But to reassure you, you will find seasoned souls, having already fought, on which you can cling, as to an old branch filled with knowledge, always solid to help you to rise up. I will now talk to you about their technologies and how they can be used to disorient you, first they can synthesize the voices of the people you know to create a sense of distrust, and a technology of manipulation of images never equalled, so far I have seen a large part of the population conditioned, moreover with this technology at the level of the voices, they can place it in the space both inside and outside, but this is where it is most pernicious, making you believe that someone you know is next to you, behind a wall or behind a door, or even in the distance calling for your help, And in simply more sadistic ways of expressing all kinds of nastiness and insults, making you feel like you’re dealing with a crowd of individuals, one advantage is that you can also make your inner voice heard, But it can also be a trap at this level to regain the ascendancy over your mind and you bring it back to a level of conditioning or you lose your free will. To avoid this, listen to your heart, when the mind is troubled the heart finds the answers, in parallel they can also go back into your dreams to complete the manipulation according to the importance that you attach to it, to combat this reading of the Iliad of Homer was a great recourse, such as the gods wanting to manipulate mortals, inserting themselves into their dreams to deceive them, but also at that level that is only a first step of what they can do, I wish you never to come to what I have known, the resting mind loses its means of defense and they can attack the center of pain and cause intense physical pain and also program a dream or a nightmare as they build a synthesis film and make the two fit together for it, they program the neural connections between memories to achieve this, they can also try to force you to commit actions within your dreams, exploiting your emotions to traumatize you, turning your nights into nightmares, and making you docile and obedient to them, forcing yourself into reality, preventing you from acting. However free will still exists and if you are aware of it you can fight them by performing an exercise before you fall asleep and depending on the degree of personal conditioning you create to fight them you can prevent them from harming you and they will no longer influence your actions in your dreams and their only recourse will be to attack you within this, until you inflict physical pain by touching your nervous system in very precise ways which will cause you to awaken. At this level of development, accuracy and detection of different areas of the brain, they are able to record your dreams. Another function and that its technology works faster than thought so well that it receives the electric impulse before thought forms this and that the sentence you think takes shape before you express it and your own thought ends up being an echo of their technology plus they use a voice timbre that is not representative of your thinking that is different at the sound level that create a loop, This is how one gets locked in one’s head and this prevents you from thinking, however there are a second level of thoughts below the surface thoughts that can allow you to temporarily free yourself while their thirst for sadism dissipates.They also use building thought paths to direct you within your dreams, and being asleep you have no control over it at first, until you get used to their manipulation, your mind regains a certain independence in your sleep by having reflexes of thoughts that correspond to you and that fight their manipulations. Yet another function of their technologies is to project mental images, to fight it use your imagination to create a protective barrier around you on which the projections will break, if they project images of violence on people you know you can also represent a barrier of protection around this person, to rejuvenate you, remember beautiful memories, even if they tend to comment on them in abject ways it can also soften them, however they can also literally violate your memory by forcing the area where the memories are stored, or forcing thoughts to express themselves by activating specific areas even if they are not yours, mixing what people may have told you, or a sentence that you read in a book or heard in a movie, they may also attempt to create false memories either through hypnagogy, or much more subtly through déjà vu feelings, which is much more effective, the feeling of déjà vu which is a process of memory verification but also, in my opinion, linked to intuition and the ability to predict events, even if the person is not aware of it, he will easily be deceived, creating a false memory that will be part of its reality, so having a good memory is important to avoid falling into the trap, this apply to the scale of a population could be very dangerous, creating a common memory for several people. Another problem is taking possession of the Broca area that allows you to move your tongue, lips and jaws to make you pronounce sentences if this is used as part of the thought manipulation, but also in accordance with the tonsils that manage your emotions and knowledge of your dialectic, they could direct you totally in unconscious ways by primarily exploiting your fear and anger, so keep calm, I myself had to fight against my own muscles and clench my teeth and stick my tongue against my palate to prevent them from expressing themselves through my lips, I wish you never to know such sensations. Moreover, they can also always in the motor area causing uncontrolled head movements and this create in a conditioning of feelings and emotions, this has allowed to camouflage this technology, in this context, the whole population is transformed into a giant puppet, but it does not realize it because it is used in a context where their attention is focused on something else in this case, the search for the person I love and the indication of the person is through his or her signs. Having experimented on me and being aware of this uncontrolled movement, I was able to deduce in certain ways that there was a high probability that this technology would be usable on everyone at different levels, my mri planned in March will confirm it to me, if something is discovered or if it is simply a matter of conditioning in the population but it is likely that it was used on everyone at a different level than mine, but still present visually within the population and this also seems uncontrolled, the conditioning to create a reflex or the individual does not realize this head movement and it remains to be determined if this is due to the conditioning done beforehand in the fact that people were informed that I was looking for the woman I love and the use of the technology to direct their actions, the barrier gestures and the personalized barrier gestures can be considered as a first step in the implementation of the use of this technology, thus mixing the two, This leaves doubt in the minds of those with the authority to intervene or become aware of it. In addition, other imperceptible movements that can pass in normal times as a motor reflex, such as an uncontrolled eye blink m’ seemed more than repetitive in a part of the population, as well as a common discourse that could sometimes be grouped by zone and this in short words. This technology takes place in your visual cortex allowing them to see through your eyes. They use this feature to prevent you from reading, reading the text you have in front of you for yourself, just to torture yourself. In other words, if this technology is usable on everyone, privacy will no longer exist and surveillance cameras will be a relic of the past. In the future this technology could be used in permanent ways to control the masses and monitor their thoughts, manipulating them when necessary, in order to enslave the world to control humanity to my great regret, it will prevent the emergence of a free spirit that could have otherwise revolutionized the world and free will would be nothing more than a distant memory for humanity, although it would be orchestrated in unconscious ways, which would give the illusion of freedom to think without actually obtaining a human reflex the mind will defend itself from such a truth. The feeling of their presence, of the use of their technologies is felt once decrypted and when they are absent it is felt in significant ways for me after having experienced and decoding all the undersides of their technologies that I have not fully developed here. Living far from the waves and a solution on earth, the development of a technology that can counter this will make its appearance, living in cities wells sheltered from electromagnetic waves will be a solution in the future to protect his mind, otherwise keenly interstellar journeys for humanity and the creation of new habitable lands for future generations who will want to escape the dogmas of unique thought, to live away from the waves in symbiosis with the natural elements of nature, which could develop another consciousness in the human population, another power, another evolution, which will not depend on technology.
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