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I wish to demand a better analysis for diagnosing mental health problems

I wish to demand a better analysis for diagnosing mental health problems Pétition
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Roman Ovidiu
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European Parliament, Chair of the Committee on Petitions, c/o PETI Secretariat, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels, BELGIUM
La pétition

Mental health diagnostics are used as weapons


   In short, mental health diagnostics are used as weapons by rivals. People are locked up unfairly multiple times to the point where they are not allowed to get out of the institution and I wish to demand a better analysis for diagnosing mental health problems.

There are two main reasons why this abuse happens:                                                                    
1. psychiatry has a very long history of doing this and I'll get into more depth a bit later.      
2. perceiving hate or an abusive nature of your rivals gets camouflaged as a symptom of larger disorders, to put this in the terms of a psychiatrist, coming right out of their mouth actually: "we are not the police, we hold no regard for evidence, we evaluate symptoms."

 Now, giving the power to lock you up to a rival or an enemy does really sound like a most outrageous and absurd accusation, but it already happened countless times in the court of law, in fact psychiatrists abusing their power was a famous issue throughout history. Untrue diagnostics given for the purpose of aggression are a real and very serious problem and the first step to fight them is to recognize the problem. The first thing on the checklist is believing that politicians can grab hold of the power to diagnose and my first example is chosen specifically for how easy it is to believe that it happened which is why it's an example about the soviet union. You can find references to it with a quick google search (political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union). Basically believing that officials or the state don't have your best interests in mind or wanting to use your information to signal corruption would put you on a quick path to owning your very own paranoid schizophrenia diagnostic. The same happened in Romania, the country of my origin and I'll give a link to offer validity to this claim, but you'll have to use google translate to read the romanian news article (if it interests you, if not I'll give a link later to another article written in english that mentions it and much more):

   So even though there were so many words in my example you probably have only 2 in your mind right now, east and the past, but take a moment and think more analytically for a second, what you have in that example are whistleblowers and rivals, power and retaliation, does it still sound east-y and past-y? Whistleblowers are now globally accepted as an effective instrument for battling corruption, this acceptance and encouragement was mute silent in the past because people didn't want to be associated with anyone asking for accountability or change due to fear of retaliation, so all in the past for supporters but for the whistleblowers themselves that fear is still a reality even in the present west. The weapon chosen against them is the classic untrue diagnostic given for the purpose of aggression, this isn't only given to make someone seem mentally unstable and unreliable, it's done to silence and destroy them for life because of how much time of their life they would spend in psychiatric institutions due to how easy and often diagnosed people get locked up, that would mean they could kiss good bye to private property and "fair" treatment from the law. I'll give you a link to an article speaking about this called: Mental Heath as a Weapon- Whistleblower Retaliation and Normative Violence

   Make no mistake, these so called diagnostics are as unfair and unreasonable as they get, they have not an ounce of fairness more then the ones given presently by the Sheikh to his daughter the literal princess Latifa for trying to runaway from the country. A diagnostic that the highest family court in Britain contests because let's not pussyfoot around the subject these diagnostics have nothing to do with doctors and everything to do with power and rivalries. In South America, psychiatrists were used to determine which forms of torture were the most effective, and although these abuses clearly constituted a serious violation of the Hippocratic Oath, they could not be classified as political abuse of psychiatry. Psychiatry is currently a 330 billion dollar industry without a single cure, the fact that it has so many   subjective elements leaves many seats to be filled by the opinions of more aggressive fringe views which has been proven to be a very serious problem for everyone, it provides gaps that many have been eager to fill throughout history, African-American men are diagnosed with schizophrenia at rates four to five times more than other groups says Felicia Pride in her article entitled: Schizophrenia as Political Weapon

The same could be said for gay people, homosexuality was considered a symptom of a larger disorder in the past or is still considered in some countries and even in the countries that such views have been banned from there are people who seek to -make- their views be the norm in psychiatric wards, political opinions or hatred are camouflaged.

   After being diagnosed with the most famous of these mental health weapons, these people no longer have the right to make a complaint at the police since they are considered so unreliable, in most countries they are not allowed to drive, in many countries they are hospitalized without any proof of guilt when someone calls the police, this can happen indefinitely and the period of time to be locked up for increases aswell. In an era troubled with mass shootings and all manner of suicide attacks this type of unfairness from the law only increases their numbers.
   I can give a link to another article if you wish to learn more called Political Abuse of Psychiatry—An Historical Overview. The journalist there talks about the same things pointing not only to Romania and the Soviet Union but also to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, China, Yugoslavia, Eastern Germany, Cuba, the Netherlands, South Africa, Chile, Argentina.       

   I don't know what solution is best for this  accepted aggressive behavior but I know we can start with demanding a better analysis for diagnosing mental health problems and making this a more discussed topic because our more vulnerable brothers and sisters are at risk of facing the worst crisis of their lifetime.

12 signatures
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