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Season 2 of Whiskey Cavalier

Season 2 of Whiskey Cavalier Pétition
13 signatures
Auteur :
Auteur(s) :
Cloé Bernardi ( cohandaily )
Destinataire(s) :
Scott Foley and Dave Hemingson
La pétition
Hello, many Lauren Cohan fans claiming a whiskey runner season 2 of this series was really awesome. I think the main reason it didn't work is because it wasn't released on a platform known today as netfix. Now that Lauren is done with the walking dead tour, hopefully the Whiskey Cavalier series can resume. I would do anything to make it work because I'm a huge fan and it's one of my favorite shows. This is a project that is close to my heart and I would very much like it to succeed. The actors of Whiskey Cavalier are enormously talented and I am convinced that the series can work if it continues. if permission is obtained for it to be broadcast on a platform ( netflix , amazon prime , disney + ) It can work. I'm not doing this just for me but also for all the fans of Lauren and the series. I cordially invite fans wishing the same thing as me to share and sign this petition so that it works and that our wish is granted.
13 signatures
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