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For stop mistreatment in the zoo

For stop mistreatment in the zoo Pétition
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Alex and Yaëlle
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Mister and Madam
La pétition
Our project is to show you facts of mistreatment in zoo it  can be shocking and we think it's time to act for the animals.

We found a zoo "Le Zoo des 3 Vallée" who encloses their animals in uheauthy enclosures,they talk about non-conformities for the animal health and protection especially in terms of conditions animal feed holding of wild fauna.The express to non-conformities about the general maintenance of the park,enclosures and other places where animals are kept.So they evoke our security they had a trial for non compliance with the rules they have of the farm only 3 months.There also an aquatic park especially in the dolphinariums.In 2016 the dolphinarium "Planete sauvage"lost a dolphin of 6 years they had a trial for  damage in the names of the animals this has not led to much the dolphinarium Planet Sauvage doesn't change the life of the dolphins the reproduction has resumed so the continued abuse.

We have to react for save of the lives of the animals fo a better futur for them.

- We commit ourselves that no animals are injury or illness for this contact of assosiation against the mistreatment of animals.

Please sign this petition for help the animals.For the health of animals.#MISTREATMENTOFANIMALS #ZOO #DOLPHINARIUMS.Thank you.
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Accueil Pétitions Pétitions animaux For stop mistreatment in the zoo