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About us

Created in 2006, mesopinions.com is a social change platform that enables each and every one of you to create and follow up on issues close to your heart.

Highly reactive on social networks, our community includes 3 million users of which 110,000 are followers on Facebook. Our site currently hosts over 15,000 petitions and 2,500 surveys on various topics (politics, justice, environment, animal welfare, health, media etc.). We have an average of 10 new petitions being started each day and a dozen victories each month at mesopinions.com!

The impact of online mobilisation

Development of the internet and social networks allows mesopinions.com to be at the service of a participative democracy by involving its users. On this platform, accessible to all, everyone can have their voice heard and become agents of change by launching a mobilisation.
- Each user can only sign once per petition, and must validate its signature
- Surveys, petitions and newsletters from the website can be shared on social media
- Signatories’ comments are a source of support and ideas for petition authors
- The massive use of this tool for mobilisation leads states, businesses, and leaders to conduct their actions with caution. They now know that anyone can become a whistle-blower and trigger a mobilisation in support of your cause.

Mesopinions.com is a non-partisan site and has no political, ideological or religious affiliations. We therefore will not accept any petition which discriminates on grounds of race, class, sex, ethnicity, political or religious affiliation and sexual orientation. We reserve the right to refuse any petition which we feel does not contribute to an open and democratic exchange of ideas.

Every day, our team is committed to helping you promote your campaign and dedicated in giving you the best possible service.
Our site is constantly evolving to meet your needs and to offer increasingly effective solutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by phone, we will be more than happy to talk with you !