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Mesopinions.com defends all sports. Let’s mobilise for football, basketball, rugby, dance, and swimming and promote sports for people with disabilities. There are many petitions online defending sports. Let’s mobilise!

We want to be part of the votes, which will determine the teams invited at the Asus Rog Tournament...

 THE GENTLE TEAM is a team on League of legends, a world-famous game.Challenger-level team in the top 20 of the best European teams (EUW) and entirely French speaker, this group of players is one of the revelations of the French and European scene. This...

Author : H.C 2015/10/16 451 signatures
Give us the Ecrin Roc: the only true caving helmet !

Since the helmet model "Ecrin Roc" is no longer sold and has been replaced by Spelios (leisure) or Vertex helmets (pro), caving community sends many criticisms related to his experience. First of all :- Because we can no longer insert the safety blanket...

Author : Domi, webmaster Souterweb 2015/08/06 2.214 signatures
For video refereeing in the world of Football

It's time to revolt against the FA and other senior leaders of football. Video refereeing should intervene in the decisions of the referees to avoid disagreements that could be avoided! Sign and share this petition, we are counting on you!

Author : S.N 2015/04/15 56 signatures