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Latest petitions - Social issues

Mesopinions.com fights against all forms of social injustice. Let us unite against rising electricity prices, defending our social security, preserving the right to strike. Many other petitions are online to defend our social rights. Let us mobilise! Sign our online petition. Together, we are stronger!

To find Anne-Cécile and to know the truth

Missing Anne-Cécile Pinel21 July 2014 in CroatiaWhat is going on with Anne Cecile researches ?All that was undertaken by the French and Croatian justices, by investigators in both countries,...

Author : Association Aide Recherche Anne-Cécile


16.054 signatures

For an Equal Status of the population

I would like the richest to pay back the money they have too much of to a joint account to pay the UK debt and live in the same conditions that we, the middle class, do. I would like the big...

Author : D. M


17 signatures

Add us onto a bus route or save our bus !

With the bus route number 35 only running twice a week through Porchfield and no other access to a bus route without walking nearly two miles from the centre of the village, people whom do not have...

Author : Jodie Long


1 signatures

Teaching Services

Our time is unpaid between classes whereas in all other French institutions: it is paid. In other words, we work for free for an hour and a half every week. Our requests to make our educational...

Author : Secondary school teachers, International School ..


1 signatures

Save our friend, save Kosseila!

Allow me to share this petition to tell you about the story of a comrade and friend, Kosseila, a student enrolled at the Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie in Paris (electronic L3) who is currently in...

Author : UEAF UNEF - PARIS 6


4.698 signatures

Petition for more demonstrations against domestic violence!

Hello everyone, I created this petition to all women who are victims of domestic violence. I would like to see more demonstrations in the UK, because it is a hyper sensitive issue that affects...

Author : Grand Frederic


56 signatures

To support the survivors and their families affected by the...

Together let us mobilise to support families in Nepal overtaken by events, because our support can help revive these families. This earthquake has been totally devastating and ruined the...

Author : Thibaut


43 signatures