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Petition : GMOs, the moment of truth!

GMOs, the moment of truth!

Author : Support committee to Professor Séralini

Created the 2012/10/15  

A letter to : The Right Honourable Elizabeth Truss MP

Approximately 130 organizations of the civil society have called to suspend the authorisation of NK603 GM maize and Roundup, including a study by Professor Séralini and his research team who have questioned the safety and potential toxicity in the long term, something that has never been discussed before.

GM maize NK603 from Monsanto, resistant to Roundup herbicide from the same company, is authorised to be imported and used in Europe for the last 10 years. To the surprise of citizens and consumers, the work of Criigen and Professor Séralini show that there is no transparency from the toxicological analysis process of these products just like their authorisation to the market.

Affected by the world’s first independent scientific study highlighting serious toxic effects of a GMO and its associated herbicide, Roundup, we, concerned citizens, call for transparency on risk assessment studies on health and the environment that led to the authorisation in the European Union of these products.

We also demand the immediate transparency on blood and urine tests, as well as any long-term toxicological studies conducted by the company or companies that requested the authorisation to market transgenic corn and soybeans, with Roundup and all pesticides in their complete formulation.

These studies, if they exist, are supposed to be in possession of the Ministries and health agencies (EFSA, handles) that evaluated these products. We also want to know the names of experts that led to these decisions put on the market and the degree of independence given in relation to the industry.

We ask that full transparency be made on the reliability of the assessment of health and dietary risks of pesticides and GMOs because it is our health which is concerned.