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Petition : Stop the Dog-meat festival in Yulin !

Stop the Dog-meat festival in Yulin !

Author : Mary

Created the 04/06/2013  

A letter to The Chinese ambassador, Liu Xiaoming, London, UK

Every year in June in the city of YULIN in the GUANGXI region, thousands of dogs are killed to be eaten. We must stop this, this massacre that they proclaim to be a "cultural" tradition. We need all the defenders of animal rights to mobilise and send a letter to the Chinese Embassy in London.

Mr. Ambassador, Liu Xiaoming,

I am appalled to learn that in the name of tradition, hundreds of thousands of dogs are slaughtered and then consumed annually in June in the region YULIN, GUANGXI (minority autonomous region of China). I am deeply shocked by this butchery. Everyone knows that dogs have a special role among humans. They actively collaborate with the police to maintain public order. They play a key role in the fight against anti-drug and anti-terrorist problematic. After the earthquake that struck Wenchuan (SICHUAN Province) in 2008, intervention dogs brought much relief, sometimes losing their lives. Another great example of human-dog partnership.

Mr Ambassador, may I ask you to intervene to eradicate this "cultural" activity.

Yours Sincerely,