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Mesopinions.com is involved politically. Let us unite in supporting respect and freedom within our society. Let us mobilise.

Ronny Deila stays and keeps his job

This man has gathered tens of thousands of ranger fans and we want him to be able to keep his job.  So we're asking Ronny Peter and co to seriously think about what they're doing before making...

Author : Alasdair kilgour


2 signatures

Reform of institution

I petition that all EU commisioners be subject to election by the citizens of the EU. At the moment ALL EU commisioners are not elected although they have an large say in what happens to the...

Author : Bob Horner, european citizen


0 signatures

Petra Laszlo Should Face Charges for Abusing Refugees.

With all their suffers, fleeing from country to country to find a better home, and with all their struggles. A camera operator for a Hungarian nationalist television channel closely linked to the...

Author : Robert Resto


1.040 signatures

Crash of Flight MH17 : sign for the creation of an international...

As you know a civilian plane was shot down in eastern Ukraine. And now to the UN Security Council , Russia opposes the resolution allowing the creation of a special international tribunal to try...

Author : Guillaume J.


1.698 signatures

Cancel the debt of € 87,596 for the repatriation of Matthieu...

My parents must repay the emergency medical repatriation of my brother , held on 16/04 after a quote from € 87,586 to SOS International . Matthew was repatriated Malawi Emergency in April...

Author : Jacquet Magali


26.000 signatures

Save our Chambre d'hote

We bought our home (in the Gers, FRANCE) in Dec 2011 and have completely renovated it, including a swimming pool, with our own money and using local craftsmen. We now run a successful business...

Author : French Activity Holidays Chambre d'hote


5 signatures

Prosecution of Greek government officials

As we have all seen the people of Greece are in a desperate postition ,some to the point of total poverty and starvation This started when their politicians  (Greek)lied and were fully aware and...

Author : Bob Horner


2 signatures

For the vote to Canadian living abroad !

What was my surprise to see that the voting rights of Canadian citizens living abroad for more than 5 years was reversed by the Federal Government on July 20, just a few days before the...

Author : Dr. Nelly Tremblay, Postdoctoral fellow


27 signatures

The Restoration of the The Word of God (The Bible)

Shalom Brothers and Sisters!  THE CRISIS: Many of you may have come across the alarming news that the publishing company Zondervan is now owned by Harpercollins! This may mean absolutely...

Author : The Body of Christ


5 signatures

Resignation of President François Hollande

Mr Hollande should resign for failure to comply with his campaign commitments and shortfalls of results of the policy pursued by his government. A candidate running for the highest office in our...

Author : Jean-Yves Nougairedes


134 signatures

Referendum on keeping Greece in the EU

The Greeks just voted by referendum, which is very good!  For us now, we, the European people to say if we want to continue to infuse a country that refuses to reform, who are proud but can...

Author : Gilles Billard


43 signatures

Investigate the Prime Minister Over Alleged Money Pouring into...

I, the undersigned, would like the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to immediately freeze the bank accounts of Datuk Seri Najib Razak amid claims that the prime minister had large sums of...

Author : Alicia B.


1 signatures