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Immediate shutdown on discretionary spending privileges of 200,000 /...

In a gesture of solidarity to stop blatant abuse and privileges granted among them by our politicians, we Quebecers are demanding to immediately review the discretionary budget granted to former...

Author : Michel Timperio


43 signatures

For a global day of peace and respect for others

For a World Peace Day which is celebrated every year. To be recognised as a day to promote world peace in whatever the country with all people, whatever their nationality, religion, age, or...

Author : Ludovic B


11 signatures

Health for all in Cameroon

There is not a single Cameroonian who has not suffered either directly or indirectly due to poor care in Cameroonian hospitals. These are places of death! The proof: When certain personalities of...

Author : Bertrand MVOGO


12 signatures

Stop Murdoch from controlling your votes

With enough signatories as we can collect, the people of the United Kingdom can bring this to the House of Commons for a vote on whether Rupert Murdoch and his Sky broadcasting company should be in...

Author : Clay Powell


4 signatures

Save the children's ward at Dorset county hospital

The children’s ward at Dorset County Hospital is at risk of a major overhaul of the county’s healthcare services. A document suggests that children who need specialist assessment and care...

Author : Naomi


3.197 signatures

The Palmyra site under threat from Daech

After numerous sites in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, it is now the turn of Palmyra, an admirable and breathtakingly beautiful archaeological site, in the heart of Syria, to be under threat from...

Author : Bernard Moreau


551 signatures

Save the Quenza Castle

More than ever before Quenza castle needs a strong mobilisation around it to help the town and all those who have a real interest and commitment to this significant neo style Tuscan house, built in...

Author : Friends of the Quenza Castle


187 signatures

Make dog breeders more responsible!

Dear signatory, Each of us is aware that the dangerous dogs law says must be stopped and abolished! All dogs can be dangerous, especially if they are not educated or socialised. The general...

Author : Laddeniak, president of the CDAE and the SPVICDS


55 signatures

For a moratorium on the import of papaya seeds in New Caledonia

Petition for a Moratorium on imported papaya seeds to New Caledonia In February of 2014, the New Caledonian Government passed an order to ban the importation of GM fruit seeds, including papaya,...

Author : STOP OGM Pacific


1.412 signatures

Anay Aqbayli (Kabyle Flag)

For many years, Kabylia has been a battle ground although there has always been strong resistance! Some have tried to change its identity, others, their language, and, today their flag. We learned...

Author : Agdud


6 signatures

Save Djamilatou Maiga

Prime Minister of Quebec Philippe Couillard Minister of Health Gaétan Barrette Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Kathleen Weil Quebec citizens It is with great...

Author : A Quebec citizen


28 signatures

For the decriminalisation of cannabis

For centuries, smoking is almost like an institution and good wine has not always had the first role for a state of inebriation in the UK, with our poets and their ancestors. I am circulating this...

Author : Laetitia O


373 signatures