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Greece Plan B Option B: Greece goes bankrupt, remains in the euro...

The austerity imposed by creditors corresponds to a chemo faced with a cancer of public debt, our Greek friends should not stop this chemo, it is necessary to be able to emerge sustainably providing...

Author : Philippe Ortolan


2 signatures

The debt of European nations

In solidarity with the Greek people and all the nations of Europe, we request details on debt in order for it to be re-examined and no longer succumb nations to poverty! Who are these people who...

Author : Zamblera chantal


20 signatures

Respecting the opinion of the Togolese People

All those who are not elected by the people of Togo should leave their position before it is too late for them.

Author : There should be only leagally elected leaders in..


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Save the Milton Keynes point and get it listed

I think the Milton Keynes point should be listed and saved as this is Milton Keynes only history and it was the UK's first multiplex cinema ! Please share it and sign it !

Author : Samuel Churchman


3 signatures

Withdrawal of the law that allows banks to puncture our bank accounts.

1- We are all creditors of our banks so in case of failure, as from 2016, if they become bankrupt, they can use on our accounts. 2- Do you agree with this system that has been imposed on us and of...

Author : Gillette MORICE


120 signatures

For a new law requiring motorcyclists to wear protective gloves while...

Hello, Recently, the state wants to impose its law on the compulsory wearing of a yellow vest for motorcyclists, which by far, pleases everyone. I wish that instead of wanting to establish...

Author : SMW, Biker


24 signatures

Defend Mustapha Amrani, responsible for the Wadi Cherrat tragedy.

Mustapha Amrani, president of the Taekwondo Association of Benslimane, had organised a tour for a group of 46 teenagers on an unsupervised beach Oued Cherrat. He was referred on Wednesday to the...

Author : Chaimae Sasaa


2.158 signatures

Manuel Valls must reimburse the state the cost of his trip to Berlin

The Code of Conduct of Government, adopted in May 2012, states: The proper functioning of a democracy requires the existence of a relationship of trust between citizens and those who govern. This...

Author : M. C., A French taxpayer


3.372 signatures

Build a Beach Volleyball Court in Cambridge!

Please join us in supporting the construction of a beach volleyball court in Cambridge. We would like to show both the university and the county council that there is a wide-spread demand for such a...

Author : Sam Dunbavin


164 signatures

No to parity

Parity made its entry everywhere, and especially in politics. In the 21st century, women are able to acquire diplomas and skills. The perverse effect is installed on an ancient principle, which...

Author : Martine Crocy


13 signatures

Save Kiwi and Dominique!

Sir, We call on you so that Kiwi and Dominique, the star bears you hold in captivity, can finally join a sanctuary. It is true that having a star bear, who brought millions to its protagonists,...

Author : cause animale nord


20.880 signatures

For peace in Kivu

It has been nearly twenty years that the East of DRC is beset by endless armed conflicts for ulterior objectives that spread desolation in the region, including the raping of women of all...

Author : Join together and support from the women of Kivu..


30 signatures