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Please save our children's lives by saving our children's ward! Natasha - Dorchester - Le 04/02/2017 à 16:43:48
This is such an incredible and important ward to the area that should not be got rid of at dire risk to children in the community's health and wellbeing. Juliette - Dorchester - Le 19/10/2016 à 00:10:28
Keep care for children close to families and their community of support Lorna - Bridport - Le 18/10/2016 à 19:53:46
We already have to travel just under 20 miles for this ward. If it closes how far would we have to travel then? Deborah - Bridport - Le 18/10/2016 à 19:44:05
Without SCBU and Kingfisher Ward, my daughter wouldn't be here.
Bournemouth and Poole is over an hours drive from where we live. An unacceptable journey to families with premature or sick children. Jaquie - Bridport - Le 18/10/2016 à 00:43:41
Letwin is a cuck Toby - Weymouth - Le 17/10/2016 à 20:55:15
I personally think it's a ludicrous idea! I'm currently sat in kingfisher ward with my son! I couldn't rate the service the staff provide enough, and to take it away from such a big hospital close to what I class big towns such as weymouth, Dorchester, Portland, Bridport is madness. The people who come up with this idea need to wake up and join the real world! They either don't have children so they don't understand or they are just clowns with another silly idea! So if it comes down to saving money! How is moving it to Bournemouth saving money! Bournemouth doesn't have the space for it so surely they will have to build another building (more money). So I'd like to know what logic they have with this idea!! Sam - Weymouth - Le 15/10/2016 à 10:59:50
They were brilliant with our baby boy when he was having convulsions, please don't take this invaluable service away Katie - Broadwindsor - Le 12/10/2016 à 22:49:54
We need Kingfisher in the COUNTY Hospital. Poole is too far away Jessica - Dorchester - Le 11/10/2016 à 20:35:28
It's disgusting that the children's ward is under threat. My children have spent time here and going elsewhere would have had a detrimental effect on our family. Joanne - Weymouth - Le 10/10/2016 à 14:35:11
This valuable service needs to stay for the safety of all our children x Rachael - Weymouth - Le 10/10/2016 à 10:47:29
Children will die if this happens. Its wrong Karl - Weymouth - Le 10/10/2016 à 07:21:05
Lynne Sneyd Le 10/10/2016 à 01:21:29
Saving the children's' ward at DCH must be a priority. Rosemary - Dorchester dorset - Le 09/10/2016 à 23:15:05
It would be madness to close this ward! Grenville - Weymouth - Le 09/10/2016 à 10:08:01
Please save this wonderful facility! Georgina - Bridport - Le 08/10/2016 à 19:42:47
save the whole hospital... Louise - Dorchester - Le 08/10/2016 à 19:36:30
Please save our children and baby unit. We can't be without it. Anna - Dorchester - Le 08/10/2016 à 16:46:25
My brother was born here in 1996, and I had many surgeries when i was a child here! The staff are so friendly and help you whether you are a oatient or worrying family member! I recently came back with my friend and god children and met a lady who was in the ward many years (20 at least) that was there when i had surgery! Charlotte - Blandford forum - Le 08/10/2016 à 16:43:10
In a lot of cases it could be dangerous for children to come to Bournemouth or Poole. Angela - Bournemouth - Le 08/10/2016 à 15:47:51