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Pétition : Save the children's ward at Dorset county hospital

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Save the children's ward at Dorset county hospital

Auteur : Naomi

Créé le 22/05/2015  

À l'attention : NHS Dorset County hospital

The children’s ward at Dorset County Hospital is at risk of a major overhaul of the county’s healthcare services. A document suggests that children who need specialist assessment and care would be treated at a major hospital in east Dorset - and not at Dorset County. It is recommended that instead of being admitted to hospital ‘the care of children could be delivered in a different and more effective way. Please sign this petition to save the children's ward at Dorset county hospital. My son George and many more children are living with a life threatening illness and rely on the open access of the kingfisher ward. Without this, parents fear the worst for their children. We moved from Weymouth to Dorchester to be near the hospital for George's needs. George has a limited amount of time to reach a hospital during a long seizure and to be moving him 30 miles away every time is so not called for, our children suffer enough, why add to it! Also the special care unit is also at threat!! Please help and sign this petition!