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Latest petitions - Nature and environment

Mesopinions.com fights to protect nature and the environment. Let us unite against GMOs, banning conventional plastic bags and a big yes to clean air pollution! Many other petitions for the defense of nature and the environment are online. Sign our petitions, together, we can protect our planet!

To begin GMO labeling

Dear Elected Representatives, Through this open letter, we wish to call on the institutions of New Caledonia to start legislative actions for the Genetically Modified Organisms policy. By reading...

Author : Stop OGM Pacifique


10.306 signatures

Save the Roucas hill

The Roucas hill is one of the rare wooded areas of the city of Marseilles and its pinewood can be seen from Marseilles' most visited tourist spot: Notre-Dame de la Garde. This green lung of the town...

Author : Luisa Paoluzzi


6.872 signatures

Recycling bins for everyone !

Getting recycling bins are important because lots of reusable materials are being thrown away. We needed to change this.

Author : Get recycling bins in RWBA


10 signatures

Promote bicycle use in cities and elsewhere

How can we promote and expand the number of bike trips in and around cities, in order to act on the quality of the environment, the health of the Country (physical and mental) and the...

Author : P. Naivraxe


1.671 signatures

Save civilization, save the bees!

Bees are essential for life in general. If they disappear, there will be no food for anyone so it is urgent to act because they are dying at a dramatic rate due to insecticides manufactured by...

Author : Marc Schillaci


7.235 signatures

Let market gardeners have the right to use reproducible seeds and...

I want to tell you that these are critical times as our agriculture is dying but I do not think you expected me to draw this conclusion that, you, who seems to have realised the need for a soil that...

Author : Alexander Lumbroso & Jonathan Attias - web serie..


70.419 signatures

No to RoundUp in New Caledonia

The New Caledonia annually imports some 10 000 litres of products containing Glyphosate, the active molecule of the famous herbicide Roundup, which is the best-selling pesticide in the world ... and...

Author : STOP OGM Pacifique


7.098 signatures

Trying to save the planet: Rubbish recycling for all!

We must learn to respect ecology starting by teaching children at school age!

Author : Michel F, ordinary citizen


64 signatures

We must preserve sustainable family farming

I would like to warn you about the difficulties that farmers face in continuing their activity, stifled by rules and absurd costs imposed by Europe. Small-scale agriculture is the future of the...

Author : Vincent LEBER


5.124 signatures

NO to the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands!

We are in 2015, and yet every year, the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands practice a hunting dolphins and pilot whales, by ancestral traditions. During this hunt, thousands of poor individuals are...

Author : Alice Annette


8.228 signatures

Palm oil, a deadly poison!

This is an urgent combat in which we ask you to participate by supporting our work. For more than 10 years, the food industry have begun to ravage the Kalimantan forest in the Indonesian part of...

Author : Association : CCFD-Terre Solidaire


45.450 signatures