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A convention AHS in France !

A rumor about an American Horror Story convention in France is going around for some times now. Rumors are good but concrete is much better. Imagine today that such a convention is organized in France : then the purpose of this petition is not to create this...

Author : AHS FRANCE (@AHS_FRA) 2016/05/29 1.909 signatures
Turonke WhatsApp kubuntu muri Smart/We want to maximize signatures to urge Smart Burundi make Free...

Barongozi ba Smart Burundi.Muraziko abarundi dukeneye amakuru y'irya n'ino ariko mwibukeko tuyaronka biviye kuri WhatsApp.Dutabare muyiduhe tuyikoreshe kubuntu ariko nka facebook, skape, twitter, kwandikiranira n'incuti aho turemeye kubashorera ama...

Author : Umunywanyi wa Smart/Smart User 2016/03/22 105 signatures
Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale release on consoles and PC

8 year now that video game industry release bad DBZ adaptations on consoles & PC and each year it's a real deception for gamers. DBZ manga and DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi console serie deserve a real successor and we deserve a real game which is not an easy...

Author : Osby 2015/08/17 166 signatures
Petition for save Glee continue with Glee 7

Ryan Murphy has decided to end Glee after Season 6. Some Gleek's would like Glee to continue after Season 6. So this is a petition in trying to save the show and tell Ryan Murphy that Glee will still be a show that people will tune into even after Cory's...

Author : Maxime 2015/08/06 2 signatures
to add barkingside to fifa as 6 star team

to add barkinside to fifa as a 6 star team !

Author : Ronaldo S. 2015/07/19 0 signatures
Bring back Hollyoaks Later

Bring back Hollyoaks Later!! Us hollyoaks fans were gutted that Hollyoaks Later wasn't on our screens last year, as it's the 20th anniversary this year we really want it back!! Every signature matters!!

Author : Ollie P. 2015/06/30 0 signatures
Resignation of the Director of TéléCongo, the Congolese national TV!

A national television should respect an ethical framework to carry out its public service mission. Now it is clear that Télécongo has become over the years a propaganda tool to Denis Sassou-Nguesso and his power. We therefore call on all Congolese from...

Author : Marcel Dinga 2015/06/16 10 signatures
STOP Advertising on TV

Hello everyone, I am starting this petition as there are too many adverts on TV. It lasts 6 minutes on average per cut. We must stop commercials when watching series, films etc. .... It would greatly improve the viewer experience if there were less...

Author : Laetitia Proust 2015/06/04 54 signatures
Rabbit Killer

Sir, One of your reporters just made a rabbit stew, (to feed her children), killing a poor 9 month old animal ..... with a blow using a bicycle pump! Show the world that the Netherlands is a NORMAL country ! Sincerely, P. L.

Author : Pat L. A lover of animals 2015/05/27 97 signatures
For the return of toddlers in The Sims 4!

We are thousands of players to call for toddlers to be part of The Sims 4. Today I am organising this petition to show Electronic Arts that we would like the return of toddlers as quickly as possible in the game! If you miss the toddlers too, please...

Author : Julien 2015/05/18 33 signatures
For the resumption of the Silent Hills game!

Konami's decision to discontinue the development of Silent Hills has disappointed us all. Please Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro! Many players await the resumption and the re-launch of this game that undoubtedly works very well. Please continue the...

Author : Alexander Lalis 2015/05/06 6 signatures
Repeated hack attacks must stop on Facebook!

Frankly there are enough of these repeated hacks on the Facebook site. Our profile photo is taken to make videos on YouTube, or to make a fake Facebook account and invite friends, etc. If you accept this request from a fake account, you have fallen into...

Author : Vanpuyvelde Jean-Pierre 2015/05/04 19 signatures