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Latest petitions - Human rights defends human rights. Let us unite in defending the right to freedom of expression, the right to employment for all, the fight against racism and for the protection of women and children. Many other petitions for the defense of human rights are online, let us mobilise!

Humanitarian solidarity with the Autochthonous people of Canada to...

1980-2013: 1,200 Indian women have been killed or disappeared in Canada. History persecution. Indigenous people in Canada face a special and unusual hardship caused by different treatments that...

Author : Lorraine et Denis Dubé


16.251 signatures

For Turkey to recognise the Armenian genocide of 1915

Turkey, a German ally at the time, exterminated Armenian Christians living on its territory by order of Kemal Pasha during the 14/18 war. Armenians were massacred. Some were able to escape, others...

Author : Marcel Garibaldi


2.433 signatures

For the immediate release of cyber-activist Raif Badawi, sentenced to...

Prime Minister Harper, Mr Baird, Raif Badawi was wrongfully convicted of apostasy, which is contrary to the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This petition calls on...

Author : Louise D


40.207 signatures

#AsiaBibi: No to the death sentence of Asia Bibi in Pakistan for a...

Let us unite for Asia Bibi, the victim of a revolting injustice! This young Pakistani woman and mother of 5 children was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to death for a glass of water. Of...

Author : Bernard S


48.291 signatures

Help seniors persecuted in Iraq!

How can we remain insensitive to the Iraqi drama unfolding before our eyes? How can we not think of the children and families, but also the elderly living martyrdom in this country? Jihadists...

Author : Senior en Forme


31 signatures

Solidarity with womens human rights defenders arrested and detained...

On 23 June 2014, the Public Prosecutor ordered that the detention of human rights defenders Ms Yara Sallam and Ms Sanaa Seif be extended by four days. The day before, at 1pm, the human rights...

Author : Honsh


3.247 signatures

Bangladesh: it is irresponsible to expect more

Almost a year of waiting for the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy. The collapse of the building in Bangladesh killed 1,138 people and left more than 2000 injured, mostly workers producing clothes...

Author : The people’s solidarity


85 signatures

Calling for dignity and equality for all arab women!

Arab Women’s Petition for Dignity and Equality We, Arab women engaged in the fight for democracy, dignity and equality, we, who have been at the forefront of the exceptional changes that the...

Author :  France Inter


45.827 signatures