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Petition : Stop vivisection!

Stop vivisection!

Author : Ophelie Dekuypere

Created the 2013/01/24  

A letter to : The Prime Minister, David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

Allow me to send you this letter to express my indignation and that of humans that still have a heart.

I am outraged that the UK practices vivisection.

Vivisection literally means that an animal is cut open alive; this is what was really practiced in the past, especially in the eighteenth century when Cartesian philosophy denied the possibility of suffering to the animal-machines. Therefore, nothing prevented nailing live dogs and carry out experiments on them.

Today, such practices are no longer current but humans continue to use a very high number of animals for scientific experiments. A country like ours sacrifices hundreds of thousands of rodents, thousands of cats and dogs, as well as hundreds of primates every year.

With these words, Dr. Wolfgang Bohn, confirms that alternative methods exist: "We have many therapeutic methods and medicines that have been acquired without animal torture, but they have not been used and disseminated as they deserve because the modern generation of researchers’ knows no other method than vivisection”

Why test on the beings who only love to give and do not know the meaning of the word "hate"?

Do you really believe that the suffering of animals sacrificed in very long torment is the price of your abominable vanity?

As the great Gandhi said, "We can judge the greatness of a nation by the way its animals are treated. »

Are we to understand that our nation is worthy of the Middle Ages?

The human race behaves like it is in the primitive times. Do you think it has evolved?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and above all, to stop this genocide that grows each day.

Ophélie D.