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Petition : Ban the production and sale of fur in France!

Ban the production and sale of fur in France!

Author : M. Dumont

Created the 23/01/2013  

A letter to : The president of France, François Hollande and European deputies

Contrary to popular belief, most furs do not end up only on coats! Conscious of the negative image conveyed with this type of clothing, the fur industry renews its imagination to sell its death merchandise: today, 90% of the production is used to make collars, cuffs and accessories! By refusing to wear fur, it also means being vigilant in purchasing such clothing items as padded jackets, hats and accessories made partially with fur on the grounds that there is only "a little bit."

(Some focal points by sites dedicated to animal welfare and in particular the website I do not wear fur).

- 45 million animals are derived from breeding.

They are gassed or electrocuted before being bled and skinned. Most are still conscious at that time.

- In Asia, especially China, dogs and cats are fur-skinned animals. They are caught and killed by the thousands in unbearable conditions.

The main accomplices’ countries.

Today, breeding farms are mainly in Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, the United States and increasingly in China, where labour is very cheap and the laws for the protection of animals are entirely unrepresented.

In France, there are twenty mink farms: 190,000 minks were bred and then gassed. In Poitou-Charentes, nearly 100,000 Orylag rabbits are sacrificed each year. "Fur Torture" estimates that 40 million furs from rabbits per year leave French slaughterhouses to supply the fur trade.

Inhumane slaughter methods.
Animals are raised for a few months and are usually slaughtered in the course of their first year in the autumn or winter, when their fur is the most beautiful and most required. The specimens kept for breeding are kept for several years in the same unacceptable conditions. The rate of mortality within litters is very high. Mothers, stressed and anguished, can even attack their own babies.

The animal is killed by dioxide or carbon monoxide. Observations on Minks killed by this method have shown the animal running frantically in the gas chamber and struggling to keep its head above the gas level. Death occurs only after twenty seconds or more. Take the test with the second hand of your watch, you will discover that 20 seconds of extreme suffering is frighteningly long.

This method involves introducing an electrode into the anus of the animal and attaching another in its mouth. Then it's simple, a 1000 volt current is passed. Perfect for a well risen fur! In theory, the death should be immediate but in practice the terrified animal struggles and its executioner often has to try several times by resending the current before the animal loses consciousness.

For foxes, anal electrocution is the most used. The process involves attaching a clamp on the nose of the fox, introducing a metal rod into the anus of the animal, and then sending an electric shock through a battery. And it does not necessarily work the first time, so you have to start over! The animal is literally burned from the inside ... the pain is extreme! Others are beaten with a club on the head.

Minks are gassed or killed by lethal injection. Farmers prefer to kill the animals by breaking their necks. Often, these methods practiced on the spot do not guarantee the immediate death of the animal.

Chinchilla breeders acknowledge that they kill the animals by breaking their neck or electrocuting them. A recent investigation in the US has shown particularly barbaric practices. They electrocute chinchillas by placing one probe in the ear and the other one at the foot. After the shock, many are still conscious: electrocution stiffens the animal, but the brain activity does not cease immediately. Other chinchillas break their neck. The operation takes only a second, but animals are twisted continuous spasms for several minutes. Brain death is not immediately after cervical dislocation.

Skinned alive!
The methods described above have proved largely ineffective in order to kill the animal: horror of horrors, many of them wake up at the stage of dismemberment! They are skinned alive!

But it is China that holds the gold medal of cruelty!

For a coat measuring 1 metre, this table shows the number of animals remains required, the number of animals caught by accident and the total number of hours spent by these animals in a trap.

The first number is the number of animals killed, the second digit is the number of animals considered as "waste" and the last digit is the total number of hours the animal is confined in the trap.

Beavers : 15/45/225
Coyotes: 16/48/960
Otters: 20/60/1200
Lynxes: 18/54/1080
Marten: 50/150/3000
Possums: 45/135/2700
Muskrats: 50/150/1500
Raccoons: 40/120/2400
Red foxes 42/126/2520
Minks: 60/180/3600

(Primer Skin Trade Statistics by Susan Russell, published by Friends of Animals).
This table only takes into account animals entrapped in the wild. The majority of animals used in the fur industry come from farms where animals are deprived of their liberty.

In short, fur is an abomination, wearing fur is bringing death!

I ASK THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC François Hollande to stop this massacre and to prohibit the production and sale of fur in FRANCE.