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The presented contents are posted by users under their own responsibility, without prior restraint of the Company, exclusively expressing their own personal views.

The Company does not intend to make any approval or disapproval and cannot be held responsible for content to which they are not the author. 


The Company does not in any way guarantee the accuracy, quality, legitimacy or their compliance with the law, regulations, public order, morality, rights and interests of third parties. 


The Company is pleased to provide a technical tool and remains fully exonerated in the use that will be made from it. 


The Company is limited in this context, to a host role whose liability is fixed by Article 6 of the Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004. In this capacity, it is committed to promptly removing content that would be of a manifestly illicit nature and would be notified via the "Contact" link present on most pages of the site: contact@mesopinions.com.


 However, it is not for it to arbitrate between competing interests in respect of the contents presented as unlawful but not manifestly having such a character. In this case, the Company will defer to any judicial decision that would be submitted to it in ordering such a withdrawal. 


Taking into account the general interest attached to the repression of apology for crimes against humanity, incitement to the commission of acts of terrorism and their apology, incitement to racial hatred, hatred with regard to persons because of their gender, their sexual orientation or gender identity or disability and child pornography, incitement to violence, including incitement to violence against women, as well as affronts to human dignity and offenses in the fifth and eighth paragraphs of Article 24 of the law of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press and 227-23 and 227-24 articles and 421-2-5 of the Penal Code a content reporting system used in this context is provided in the form of an "Abuse" button. It can also be communicated to the Company via the "Contact" link present on most pages of the site: contact@mesopinions.com. 


III. Any content posted on the site by a user are governed by the Terms of Use


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Correspondant Informatique et Liberté (CIL) :

Concerned about respecting the right to protection of personal data, the company MES OPINIONS proceeded with the appointment of a Correspondent Informatique et Liberté. (Number assigned by the CNIL: AT / YPA / JB / HG / CIL3160) 


You have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data. This can be exercised from the Company with proof of identity at the following email address: contact@mesopinions.com. 


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The head of the personal data processing activities via the Site is the Company MES OPINIONS 


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Such browsers still have tools to manage cookies, in particular:

• to block cookies from "third party" websites, i.e. those posted by a site other than the one that displays the main content and therefore beyond the control of the Company.

• create "black lists" websites, which require blocking cookies.


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Assuming a shared computer the Company recommends that the User will disconnect and remove its cookies after each use of the Services. 

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