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MesOpinions.com was created in March 2006; it was the only French website whereby you could create an e-petition without paying. Since its launch, the site has evolved: new categories, accessibility for different countries, export petition signatures to CSV and PDF for writers, opportunity to share comments and share petitions on social networks, add videos, etc.

Today, MesOpinions.com has over 2 million users and very often we get to lead the fight to victory. Feel free to share your contributions with us!

The copyright of this website is protected. Any partial or total reproduction without the consent of the MesOpinions.com team is prohibited and may be subject to prosecution.
I am a signatory:

1. How do I sign a petition?

Enter your email address in the "Enter your email" then your comment (optional) to the right of the photo of the petition in the dedicated space "Add Comment (optional)", then click the red "Sign the petition” button.

If you have a Facebook account, you can sign in directly using the blue button "Sign in with Facebook" shown underneath the petition text.

WARNING: You will receive an email from our team to validate your signature: Please click on the link to confirm your signature.
Note: Your email operator (Orange, Free, SFR, etc.) may block the message. Remember to look in your spam folder just in case it was sent there. You will have to remove it from there so the link can work. After, you can add our email address to your contacts in order for you to receive future emails from us the next time!

2. I cannot seem to sign a petition

* An error message is displayed: contact us at contact@mesopinions.com or +33 (0)3 66 72 43 10 by specifying to us the full message as it appears on your screen. (Send us a screenshot if it's easier!).

* No error message is displayed, and I am not receiving an email which confirms my signature:
- Try to update / refresh your page and try again,
- Check on another browser if the problem persists (explorer, chrome, mozilla, safari)
- Tidy up your computer (history, downloads, etc.)

If, however, you are still unable to sign, please contact us at info@mesopinions.com or +33 (0)3 66 72 43 10.

To solve your problem quickly, our team will need some more information:
- Does the problem persist on a different browser (explorer, chrome, mozilla, safari)?
- Which petition is it?

3. I just signed a petition. Will my data be passed on to third parties?

Please refer to our Terms of Use. No address will be sold without your consent. You will receive newsletters from MesOpinions, nevertheless you can unsubscribe at any moment either by clicking at the bottom of our emails where it is written "If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, you can unsubscribe: click here" or by request at contact@mesopinions.com.

4. I do not have an email address, but I would like to sign a petition: how?
You cannot, unfortunately, sign online petitions without an email address. You must create one or use a third party who has not signed the petition (an email address can only be used once to sign a petition).

5. I cannot see my comment on the petition

Only comments from validated signatures are visible on the site. Once you have validated your signature, you can find your comment and the date and time of your signature.

If there is a Facebook comment, your comment may have been reported by a user for its content. Please refer to our comments charter.

6. I cannot find a petition on the subject that interests me

You can search our website using our top right hand search engine "SEARCH: Enter keyword" If no satisfactory result is generated, it may be that there is no petition on the subject, so do not hesitate to follow this link and create your author account to start your petition: http: // www. mesopinions.com/petition/creer-petition

7. I cannot seem to sign up for a third party with my email after having signed myself with this email, why?

To avoid false signature robots, multiple signature attempts, prevent identity theft and limit commitments taken lightly, an email address can only be used once to sign a petition. This guarantee of reliability is paramount to our authors’ petitions and mobilisation.

8. How can I change my signature (Last name / First name / Town / etc.)?

Only our team can change a signature. In case of error, please contact us via the "Contact Us" form, by phone on +33 (0)3 66 72 43 10 or by email at: info@mesopinions.com

9. I have validated my signature by email, but I cannot find my name and / or comment on the list of signatories: why?

If you have validated your signature following the confirmation email from MesOpinions, you can find your signature at the date and time of signing (not validation of your signature). If this is not the case, please contact us via the "Contact Us" or info@mesopinions.com address specifying the title or URL of the relevant petition.

10. I want to contact a petition author
Do not hesitate to contact us via the "Contact Us" or info@mesopinions.com address specifying the title of the relevant petition. We will forward your questions or comments, and the author will get back to you.

11. How do I cancel my signature?
Contact our team via the "Contact Us" form or info@mesopinions.com address specifying the title of the relevant petition and we will remove your signature.

12. Do you have to sign in with Facebook?
No, nothing is compulsory. If you do not have a Facebook account, sign our petitions with just your email address by clicking on the red button "Sign the petition"

13. Do we have to share our signature on Facebook?

Facebook is a suggestion, a window opens automatically, but you can just close it again and your signature will not be published on your wall. (More details in your account settings on Facebook).

14. How do I warn you on comments of petitions that do not meet the site's Editorial guidelines?

To warn about petition comments, some of which are racially motivated, defamatory, libellous, etc., simply click the "ALERT" button to the right of each review (also available on Facebook).

15. I lost my password to log in on the website!
If you are only signing petitions, you do not have a password, the site will recognise you thanks to your email address.

16. I no longer receive emails to confirm my signature!
Have you looked in your spam folder to make sure they are not being delivered there?
Perhaps you are using a different address / mailbox? Don’t hesitate to contact us at: contact@mesopinions.com or: +33 (0)

I am a petition author:

1. My petition doesn’t appear on your website: why?

If it has been less than 48 hours since you have sent your petition, it may be awaiting approval. To find out more information, contact us at info@mesopinions.com or calling: +33(0)3 66 72 43 10.
If this isn’t the case, your petition may not have been approved due to not respecting a part of our editorial guidelines. Please refer back to the “The essential guide to a successful campaign” section.

2. I see my petition when I am logged in but not directly on the website: why?

Your petition is awaiting approval and our team hasn’t seen it yet. All petitions are approved under maximum 48 hours.

3. How can I retrieve my signatures?

If it’s under 10,000 signatures, you can directly retrieve your export by connecting on to your author’s space on the mesopinions.com website (at the top right: login) in Excel or PDF format.

If it’s more than 10,000 signatures, please contact us at info@mesopinions.com or calling us on: +33(0) 3 66 72 43 10, it will be our pleasure to hand you over your signatory export.

4. How can I send my petition to the recipient?

You can make an appointment with the recipient of the signatures, or send by post or by email with your PDF as an attachment. Feel free to take a picture of the delivery of signatures, it allows us to mention your petition on social networks and provide news of your mobilisation to your signatories. Don’t hesitate to look at “The essential guide to a successful campaign” section, giving you some great tips for a successful fight!

5. How do I manage my petition?

See our “The essential guide to a successful campaign” section, which details this subject. If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mesopinions.com or by calling us on: +33 (0)3 66 72 43 10.

6. How can I share my petition to collect my first signatures?

You can start by sharing it with your friends by email; you simply have to communicate the URL address of the petition (http://….), which figures at the top of your navigation bar.

You can also use the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share buttons, which are featured at the top of your petition picture.

Finally, various websites offer to create free QR codes that you can use to share your petition on smartphones and android through a pictogram.

7. Can I extend the validity of my petition?

Yes, don’t hesitate to contact us through the form “Contact-us” at the bottom of the page or at the address info@mesopinions.com, specifying the title of the respective petition so that we can modify it.

8. In my PDF file, I don’t have my signatories’ comments: can I retrieve them?

In the PDF file of my signatories, only the fields necessary to your recipient appear in order for your petition to be valid. To retrieve the comments, you can print the “signatories’ list” page, by exporting your signatures in a csv format.

9. The email address I used to subscribe to create my petition isn’t valid anymore: how can I modify it?

Send us an email containing your new email address at info@mesopinions.com and we will modify it.

10. How can I alert about comments from my petition that don’t respect the editorial guidelines of the website?
To warn about petition comments, some of which are racially motivated, defamatory, libellous, etc., simply click the "ALERT" button to the right of each review (also available on Facebook).

11. I lost my login information to access the website!

If you are the author of a petition, your login was communicated to you by email at the time of your petition validation. You can click on “Password forgotten”.

If you have lost your username and password, contact us at info@mesopinions.com or call: +33 (0)3 66 72 43 10 indicating the URL link or the title of your petition so we can reset your access information.