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Welcome to the help section of MesOpinions.com. In this category you will see how to use our site to search and sign petitions that you would like to adhere to, and also be able to create your own online petition.

Search for a petition

On every page you can find a petition thanks to the search engine at the top right hand side of the page. Just type in a keyword to find your petition.
This will take you on an expanded list of all corresponding petitions to your search..
By clicking on the required petition, it brings you onto the page in question enabling you to sign it if you wish.

Sign a petition

To sign a petition, just go to the bottom of the petition, enter your email address and click sign the petition.
Be careful to correctly fill out the fields on the form, including the email address as it will allow you to validate your signature.This form is to be completed on your first visit to our website. Your information will then remain stored.
Following your validation you will receive an email with a link asking you to confirm your signature. We do this so no one can sign a petition on your behalf!

Edit a petition

To edit a petition you wrote, you first need to log into your account and click on edit my petition
You can then change your text, your date, your recipient.

Print a petition

To print a petition, log in and then click on my signatures in PDF or CSV my signatures.
Go to my list of signatories (full name, postal address)
You can then print your petition and signatures.

Why create an account on MesOpinions.com?

Quite simply, to be able to create your petition (and not just to sign a petition). Complete the form and choose a username and password which will then be used to identify you on the site via the home page. Following your approval, you will receive an email with a link asking you to confirm your registration.

Create a petition

This link only appears if you have previously identified yourself.
Read carefully and confirm after reading The essential guide to a successful campaign page before creating a petition.
This will give you some great tips for a successful campaign. Click here